Chicago's Leaders are in Denial/ 5 DAYS- 80 shot-13 murdered/ Wake up /The bodies are piling up/ The City is hosting a street War/ While the Mayor is blaming the Top Cop

Chicago's Leaders are in Denial/ 5 DAYS- 80 shot-13 murdered/ Wake up /The bodies are piling up/ The City is hosting a street War/ While the Mayor is blaming the Top Cop

When Chicago’s Mayor Laurie Lightfoot criticized her new Police Superintendent David Brown for the massive violence over the Memorial Day weekend, it certainly opened lots of eyes. I can honestly say that anybody who has even the slightest idea of what leadership is all about had to join me in one massive cringe. Imagine being a leader using the BLAME tactic as a leadership tool. Below is my defense of him in the editorial section of Chicago’s Suntimes 28 May 2020. I advised him 2 weeks ago to get out before she gets him. He stayed.



The Marine Corps teaches that playing the blame game comes second nature to people who are used to getting their way or those who live with a victim mentality. However,  when you blame other people for anything that goes wrong you’re failing to maintain any sense of personal responsibility. Blaming others is contagious among weak leaders. After an exhaustive search to find a new leader for Chicago’s beleaguered police department the mayor announced a few months ago that “SHE GOT HER MAN.” I’m not sure if she is having buyers remorse or if she doesn’t have a clue what’s happening in a city she has been mayor of for over a year.


Yea! the headlines were not pretty — 10 people murdered,  42 shot and 4 seriously stabbed. The deadliest Memorial Day weekend since 2015, the headlines blared. Somehow the mayor got it into her head that the Top Cop failed in his duties, and drove the knife in further by saying,  “whatever his strategy was it was a total failure.” In the last 10 years for those who really don’t give a shit, or were visiting another planet, Chicago has averaged over 526 murders a year and during that same span have experienced almost 26,000 people shot. So if there was a strategy to prevent the shootings and killings it seems to be a well-kept secret. Remember a few years back when then-Mayor Emanuel was labeled “MAYOR MURDER” by the President of the Teachers Union? So murder and shootings are certainly no mystery to a city with those kinds of numbers.


In fact the very next day after Memorial Day and her criticism of the Superintendent, there were 5 more murders and 28 more folks shot. In five days over 13 murdered and 80 shot. Remember the quiz show hosted by Groucho Marx back in the late 60s?  While Groucho was interviewing the contestants if they UTTERED the secret word they would win 100 bucks. The word was posted for the audience to see. Well in Chicago not one of its leaders over the last few days would have collected by saying that secret word “GANGS.” It’s not the Top Cop Mayor Lightfoot, it’s the “GANGS” and they are engaged in street wars right in your city and it seems all you can do his shift blame on your “MAN” FOR NOT HAVING A STRATEGY.


In case you don’t know, your city is a battlefield of gang warfare and it seems to somehow have escaped your attention. Or has it? Of course, the famous “OSTRICH THEORY” maybe has taken precedent. Keep your head in the sand, avoid seeing the reality, it’s easy to place blame, and Superintendent Brown is a large cowering target.


Chicago’s cops over the weekend were busy issuing over 300 dispersal orders each day, and harassing churchgoers on your orders. They confiscated over 250 guns and made 86 gun arrests, they were bombarded with rocks and bottles trying to disperse large crowds gathering for fun and BBQs ignoring your orders,  thousands violating your shelter in place orders and disregarding the social distancing orders you put in place.  If you add all that up what the hell kind of strategy is there for stopping warring gang thugs from killing and shooting? If there is someone who is keeping that strategy secret they ought to get copyright and share it with the world.  Chicago desperately needs to get in the know. Maybe when you get your next chance to pick a new Top Cop which I’m guessing will be very soon, the person you pick might say the secret word. It’s the “GANGS”—– STUPID READ MY LIPS.”


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