Bad Cops Make 98% of GOOD COPS Cringe With Anger/ When a Society fails it's Most Vulnerable Citizens./

Bad Cops Make 98% of GOOD COPS Cringe With Anger/ When a Society fails it's Most Vulnerable Citizens./

Wake up America. All Cops are not bad cops.  Criticize the guilty, bad behavior has no skin color, no certain uniform, no gender, and sadly as long as humans inhabit the earth it will continue. It’s reckless to think all cops are bad and that justifies, looting, rioting, and burning properties. Be outraged but don’t engage in despicable behavior. Join a decent society that has laws and a justice system.


Try and let this sink in..”DON’T LET THE ACTIONS OF A FEW DETERMINE HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT A GROUP AS A WHOLE.” Chicago over a 14 day period has endured 28 murders and over 117 people shot. We are all mad as hell, and outraged, but we didn’t take away from our outrage by looting, rioting, and setting fires and committing other acts of criminal behavior in the guise of protest. Nobody is mentioning skin color or shouting racism. Despicable acts know no skin color.


I’m going to share something with you.”NOBODY HATES BAD COPS MORE THAN GOOD COPS.” BELIEVE THAT FOR SURE. The sight of George Floyd begging to breathe and the cop kneeling on the back of his neck for approximately 8 minutes just shakes me to the core. Losing the sense of decency is deplorable, no matter what uniform or what skin color one has. The justice system in America for some is a slow process, but it is what makes our country great.


The officer has been charged with murder and like any other person charged no matter the outrageous criminal behavior they engaged in, we simply cannot resort to more criminal behavior, where would it all end? Albert Schweitzer’s “REVERENCE FOR LIFE” comes to mind.”A FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLE OF MORALITY THAT GOOD CONSISTS IN MAINTAINING, ASSISTING, AND ENHANCING LIFE AND THAT TO DESTROY TO HARM OR HINDER LIFE IS EVIL.” After all the looting and burning and other acts of criminal behavior, we will still be left with the same nagging pain we started with. The true measure of any society is how they treat it’s most vulnerable citizens. Sometimes as we have witnessed in Minneapolis, we fail miserably, but as a civilized society, we cannot ever stop trying.

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