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A Sobering Heartbreaking Story /A Violent Death In The City/ Yea! Every Once In A While Even the Most Jaded Shed a Tear.

After working the streets of Chicago for 33 years, it would be impossible to list the number of murders and gruesome deaths that are such a part of a police officers everyday life. Sometimes we are the ones to hear the last words and observe the last breaths of the dying and the screams of... Read more »

Gettysburg/ Lincolns Address/ A Country Divided/Shame and War Lingers On

In just a few days on 19 November, it will mark 156 years since President Abraham Lincoln visited the horrid battlefields of Gettysburg. To be sure they were HORRID before he pronounced them “HALLOWED, CONSECRATED HALLOWED GROUND”  some 4 1/2 months after almost 8,000 American warriors lay dead among almost 3,000 horses and mules, in... Read more »

Suicide/ The Collateral Killer/The Price of Exposure to Violence and Stress

United States military suicides continue to be an ongoing phenomenon regarding a reportedly high rate of suicide among United States military veterans, in comparison to the general public. The most recent report published by the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) in 2016 which analyzed 55 million veterans records from 1979, an average of 20... Read more »

Chicago's Top Cop/Thank You Ma'am/ I'll Have Another/ No Matter What Size Shape or Color/There's Always Another

In a not so surprising move, Chicago’s Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson has announced that he is retiring at the end of the year. Say what you want about Eddie and many people do, it’s impossible not to, in such a high profile job. Balancing the rank and file, the Political Magpies, the Social Justice Warriors,... Read more »