When Mass Shootings Become The Norm/A City Under Siege While Celebrating Freedom From Tyranny.

Imagine a scene where you gather family and friends and decide to celebrate the 4th of July at Chicago’s Navy Pier for their annual fireworks show. Of course, thousands of other folks have also made the trip. At some point around 9 PM, members of Chicago’s street gangs started flashing gang signs at other groups gathered among the crowds.  More than likely the overwhelming majority of the crowd would be completely foreign to signs flashed by the Latin Eagles, The Gangster Disciples, the Almighty Vice Lord Nation, or the Mickey Cobras to name a few, but knowing them is critical to Thug nation, especially when you stray out of the protection of the hood.

Immediately fights broke out and at least 3 people were stabbed and hundreds and hundreds of people began to flee after private security announced an active shooter, which was completely erroneous.  The chaos was swift, at least 17  people engaged in an all-out stampede and some were trampled and many more were injured in the panic. Families were separated,  friends from other friends, belongings were left behind, baby strollers, blankets, coolers, and other items were abandoned and had to be reclaimed the next day. The irony in all this is it happened at a celebration in honor of Americas 243 years of slicing the bonds of tyranny.



The next morning most folks in Chicago or around the Country who read the Tribune saw a headline that certainly caught everyone’s attention, (See the lead in photo) “MULTIPLE VICTIMS THE NORM IN SHOOTINGS SATURDAY INTO SUNDAY AS HOLIDAY WEEKEND WEARS ON.” The NORM! Yea. The FBI categorizes a mass shooting where 3 or more people are shot in one incident excluding the shooter. Chicago endured 3 such incidents in a 12-hour period and has had scores of them in years past. So many so the Tribune elected to use the word NORM in its headline. A pathetic state of affairs on a weekend when an entire Nation celebrates a holiday that boasts of its freedoms.


In 4 days the final numbers stood at 69 people shot and wounded, 6 murdered and at least 6 suffered serious stab wounds. The biggest shit show in America. Numbers worthy of a 3rd world country under siege. Imagine the Paramedics and the Cops responding to this kind of Mayhem. There is no telling how many were saved by their quick actions and the actions of the medical people at Chicago’s trauma centers. Below is a photo that very few people get to see, first responders and  Medical Emergency workers in Chicago know it all too well.


This was the weekend that the Mayor and Police Superintendent promised 1,500 additional Police Officers to be deployed to try and stem the mayhem that is a yearly staple over the 4th of July weekend. The Navy Pier fiasco without question could have easily turned into a horrific disaster, fortunately, nobody was killed, most likely because of a weapon inspection initiated to gain entrance to Navy Pier. The availability of knives needs study along with training for private security who was responsible for the false gunshot panic. Maybe even a sensible study to use the relativity new and effective “Shot Spotter Technology which is utilized to great effect in Chicago’s neighborhoods. It is an advanced system of sensors, algorithms,  and artificial intelligence, to detect, locate and alert Police.to gunfire.  To accurately detect and precisely locate gunshots is a challenging problem given the many obstacles such as buildings, trees, echos, weather conditions, and street noise. It also can accurately detect fireworks from gunshots. It is proven to be reliable and is used by many Municipalities including Chicago’s neighborhoods. Navy Pier officials would be wise to at least study the feasibility. Counting on luck is a dangerous way to go.


No doubt now that everyone is back at their posts in Chicago’s political scene, we soon will be getting some kind of perfume on the pig stuff. However, give credit to Mayor Lightfoot, who actually rode along in Chicago’s Englewood neighborhoods, an unprecedented act that shows passion instead of making speeches. Just as the Mayor has said and also many people before her, Chicago is not going to ARREST IT’S WAY OUT OF IT’S VIOLENCE PROBLEM, BUT REST ASSURED, IT’S NOT GOING TO TALK IT’S WAY OUT EITHER.  One thing to note, those two thugs who vandalized the Bean and Millennium Park are still trying to make bond, finally a Judge who was mad enough to set a sensible bond. DUH, hey! Judge, pass around the kool-aid. Get mad at violent repeat offenders who are using guns to wreak havoc on decent people, if a splash of paint can piss you off try and imagine armed thugs shooting and intimidating. Try as hard as you can.





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