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Last week Toni Preckwinkle who is the President of the Cook County Board and loser to Mayor Lightfoot in the race to be  Chicago’s Mayor, sent a scathing letter to the Mayor condemning Chicago’s Police Superintendent. She accused the Top Cop of falsely blaming the Cook County Justice system of releasing criminals on low bonds or no bonds at all. This after the Chicago Police Department released stunning numbers of arrestees being released within 24 hours of being arrested. Many arrested for gun offenses after numerous arrests involving guns. I’m sprinkling this article with some of the headlines attesting to the Chicago Police Departments concern for what they consider a revolving door policy with repeat gun offenders and other criminal acts.


It’s hard to say if Preckwinkle is still feeling the sting of humiliation after losing the Mayoral election by a margin of 3 to 1 but its obvious she ran out of family members and friends at the voting booth losing all 50 Chicago Wards. The Mayor, in turn, challenged her to release the results of the entire bonding system in Cook County, which of course Preckwinkle will never do and the reason is obvious. It’s a broken system designed to release what she calls low-level criminals back out into society. One would have to be totally blind or oblivious not to be aware of that.


Anyone who thinks gun strapping gang thugs are low-level criminals never had one shoved in their face or have been shot. Hundreds of people are being murdered and thousands are being shot on a yearly basis and it all started with Preckwinkle and her hand-picked County Prosecutor Kim Foxx, her of the Jussie Smollett buffoonery circus. About 6 hours ago Chicago had another mass shooting in which 7 people were shot READY! at the entrance to Chicago’s “Theatre On the lake” located at Fullerton and the Lakefront. No doubt we will learn later that two factions of Gang Thugs  decided to bring new meaning to “THEATRE ON THE LAKE.” See the headline below.


Preckwinkle is on record for years selling the theme that mass incarceration is wrong-headed. There are those who say it’s not wrong-headed when you have massive criminal activity, and to deny what’s happening in Chicago could only be concluded as being in denial. Another aspect of the mass incarceration theory is the other side of the story. Holding repeat criminals accountable is also good for the victims and the communities they are terrorizing.


Releasing repeat criminals with no bonds or low bonds is having no effect on them whatsoever and a massive effect on Chicago’s neighborhoods. Having to post a 100 dollar bond is laughable. A $5,000  bond is right in their pocketbook, it comes down to economics. Even they would soon run out of money every time they get arrested for criminal activity. It’s all about that great word ACCOUNTABILITY. It’s simple ‘DON’T WANT TO DO THE TIME—-DON’T DO THE CRIME. See below for another example of Cook County priorities. You cannot make shit like this up.


The Cook County Justice system will soon have to realize that in the immortal words of Vincent Gambini (My cousin Vinnie) these thugs they are releasing like Pidgeons are not “YUTES” they are hardcore Criminals who are constantly being released back into the neighborhoods they are terrorizing or for that matter anywhere in the City, if The Theatre On the Lake is an example. The Gangs are a powerful force in Chicago, and power concedes nothing without a demand, it never did, and it never will. Tougher new laws are a joke to talk about when the laws we already have are being ignored. Two old guys who are no longer with us but left us with some wise advice. Aristotle said “THE LAW IS REASON, FREE FROM PASSION” and not to be outdone, Hunter Thompson said “TOMORROW WE HAVE TO GET SERIOUS” Madame Preckwinkle are you listening?





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