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Home Land Security/ Evidently Chicago is not Home/ Resurrect the Clowns/ If the Shoe Fits

The Department of Homeland Security is a cabinet department of the United States Federal Government. Its responsibilities are Public Security. It was created in response to the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks. So far I know I’m not delivering any big news flash. However that “PUBLIC SECURITY” did jog something in my brain. The DHS in 2017 had an allotted budget of $40.6 billion dollars. With more than 240,000 employees it is the third-largest Cabinet department after Defense and Veteran s Affairs. America responded to being attacked on its own soil. The murder of over  3,000 American souls demanded a response.


The Department of Homeland Security’s duties ranges from aviation to border protection ( although lately there seems to be a sudden movement in America for open borders, that’s a story for another time) to an emergency response from cybersecurity analyst’s, to chemical facility inspectors. America simply moved to preserve a great nation and protect its people from those fanatical terrorists who would destroy us. The definition of Genocide is as follows, “it is the deliberate and systemic destruction of a racial, political or cultural group.” Take your pick, America qualify’s on all fronts. This response to the 911 attacks has got me asking myself what the hell is happening in the City of Chicago where slowly but surely its people are being slaughtered at alarming rates. We have no Homeland security. The slaughter of over 3,000 people in one attack make no mistake is shocking and evil but an ongoing systemic slaughter of people by our own people doesn’t seem to hold the same immediate response. Below is a quote that I think needs to be taken seriously, especially the last 5 words, “ONLY FORCE CAN STOP FORCE.”


For those of you who are not familiar with these numbers and hopefully have other things, you will most likely be shocked or surprised if you give a damn at all. But to those of us who record and follow such things, it’s like the death of a thousand cuts. The numbers of killings and shooting just keep at a constant pace, sometimes doubling on the weekends and tripling over holiday weekends such as over the 4th  of July and Memorial Day. Since the year 2012  4,328 souls have been murdered in Chicago and over 28,472 have been shot. Just a few hours ago in a 12-hour period, 19 have been shot and 5 murdered. The dead included another 3 Women (so far this year over 33 Women have been targeted )and a 12-year-old sitting on a porch, riding out another hot night. For America, 911 was their enough is enough moment. What the hell is it going to take for Chicago to finally get it? Last year the City’s politicians and Community leaders were bellowing and prancing like peacocks announcing that by-God they were going to hold marches and a  rally to end the violence. They were literally almost knocking each other down to get before the press and the cameras. The spectacle of those Clown shoes that accompanies this article being filled was almost hilarious.


March they did, they marched on expressways that were miles from the slaughter and the vicious intimidation of the neighborhoods they came from, they sure showed those suburbanites and expressway travelers a thing or two. You could almost hear the local Gang Thugs back in the hood howling with laughter. It’s been one year since the “GRAND MARCHES” and over 570 souls have been murdered and over 3,000 have been shot and not a peep out of any of them. I have a question for Homeland Security, is Chicago not a part of the Homeland? Make no mistake, those Gang Thugs are every bit the terrorists that prompted your ENOUGH IS ENOUGH moment. Chicago needs your help. It’s as though they cannot help themselves.


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