Courage in the Face of Death/ Chicago's Shame/ The Department of Spin or the Department Of Justice?

Courage in the Face of Death/ Chicago's Shame/ The Department of Spin or the Department Of Justice?

Chantell Grant and Andrea Stoudemire were shot to death Friday night while sitting on a porch on Chicago’s Southside. Victims of Chicago’s never-ending cycle of violence that has entire communities living in fear.  Most Chicagoans in recent times are sadly almost immune to the details of the daily slaughter.  Their death, however, deserves more than just a passing glance.  Both women belonged to “MOTHERS AGAINST SENSELESS KILLINGS” (MASK) an organization that was front and center in the community actively patroling and demonstrating in the community they lived in. The photo below represents the mothers and their loved ones who have been touched by the death of loved ones. Those of us who care are indeed EMPTY INSIDE.


They had been members of MASK for over 2 years. While the City’s politicians and others held their protests in front of TV cameras and on major expressways miles away from the actual neighborhoods where the gangs roamed and held sway, they chose to remain where they were needed most.  In my opinion, these women were heroes.  One person with courage makes a majority. To stand and fight in the face of great risk while others remain cautious demands attention.  Navy and Marine Seals are constantly drilled that courage is the capacity to perform even when scared half to death. They knew the risks and yet they remained steadfast.


The City of Chicago owes them and their  7 children a thorough investigation of their deaths.  The street where they were gunned down and killed was the hub of where MASK sets up shop for their watchdog activities. Was this a targeted hit in retaliation for their activism?  I’m angry right now, just having to contemplate that. I am also well aware that anger’s best friend is time, but this has to be thoroughly investigated.  So far the police department and of course the mayor is saying there is no evidence that it was a targeted hit, but also make no mistake there also is no evidence to say it wasn’t. Think politicians trying to spin the best positive scenario.


I’m hoping the U.S Department of Justice intervenes no matter what the CPDs conclusion is.  Chicago’s gang thugs are without question an embolden pack of jackals that are certainly capable of vicious retaliation. Over 35 women have been murdered in Gang thug activity this year.  Are Chicago’s gangs taking a page from the Cartels and targeting family members and loved ones?  Those two courageous women and their 7 children left behind deserve an answer. The photo below is what they were all about. This scene below plays out hundreds of times a year. It’s what Chantell and Andrea and the rest of those indefatigable mothers were trying to eradicate.



Chicago owes them a complete investigation into their deaths. The only way to do that is to call in the Department of Justice so the entire City will know the “DEPARTMENT OF SPIN “IS NOT AFOOT WHICH IT SO OFTEN IS.   There is an old saying that, “HE WHO SPARES THE WICKED, INJURES  THE GOOD.”  Chicago definitely needs to once and for all throw down that “enough is enough” gauntlet.  Embolden as the gangs have become, they still will be no match for a City that is angry. There is no other way to accept their deaths. Even the speediest runner, sooner or later has to stand and FIGHT.






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