Every once in a while for those who pay attention to such things, headlines do sometimes reveal just how divided the City of  Chicago is.  The segregation, of course, is part of our shameful past but being clueless also ranks high. Nothing was more revealing then Tuesday mornings headlines featured in the photo that accompanies this article. Every paper and news station ran photos with blaring headlines”THE BEAN AND THE WALLS INSIDE CANCER SURVIVOR’S CENTER VANDALIZED IN MILLENNIUM AND MAGGIE DALEY PARKS? It was sheer hysteria. One Chicago paper assigned 5 reporters to cover the story. Mass SPHINCTER TIGHTENING WAS AT EPIDEMIC LIKE LEVELS CAUSING MASS PANTY BUNCHINGS. All of a sudden my focus turned to another event, to be fair, that was actually inserted into one of Chicago’s major newspapers next to the Bean hysteria. OVER 55 PEOPLE SHOT OVER THE WEEKEND AND 5 MURDERED. One paper never touched the story except for a small blurb that maybe was rubbish fire worthy.


Of course, this kind of a shocker demanded a response from Mayor Lightfoot who chimed in with “THERE ARE SOME THINGS THAT SHOULD BE SACRED” Funny thing she has been in office now for 44 days, during that time 79 people have been murdered and over 446 souls have been shot. One of the things that should be sacred is people not trying to kill each other, but then again Graffiti on a famous tourist attraction seemed to reveal just where we are in terms of priorities. All one has to do in Chicago is leave the (sometimes) friendly confines of the tourist drag and get a dose of the neighborhoods in the outlying areas of Chicago’s neighborhoods.

Gang graffiti is splashed about like raindrops in a rainstorm, announcing territories, eulogizing slain gang members, putting down rival gangs, you name it’s as ubiquitous as street signs. But God forbid the 35th Street crew (the Bean Culprits) decide to rival the Donner party and head to the more civilized upscale part of town to advertise their favorite product (themselves) and cause such an uproar that they made headlines. Shouts of throw the book at them rang out, why even the inept Kim Fox the beleaguered Cook County States Attorney might be persuaded to charge them with aggravated mopery with intent to bunch panties.


Yes, Mayor Lightfoot, there are some things that are sacred and the photo above should speak for itself. Certainly not paint on a tourist attraction. Yet another Mother in Chicago saying good-bye to her murdered son. Chicago has a serious epidemic of violence,  to illustrate this clearly we need to compare Chicago to New York and Los Angeles so far this year.

New York— population 8,398,748—135 murders

Los Angeles–population 4,007,147—89 murders

Chicago–population 2,716,187—254 murders.

A startling eye opening for sure.

The Chicago Tribune Editorial this morning points out that gun violence causes more than 500 gun deaths yearly in Chicago, yet rarely does it lose its power to shock (unless of course, the 35th street thugs decide to tag a famous tourist attraction). The Tribune also points out that the victims are not just gang thugs killing each other off, 26 women were killed so far this year in gang crossfires, the highest number in 5 years. Also, many of the victims were killed tragically by being in the wrong place at the wrong time, collateral damage a term used mostly to describe innocence caught up in war zones.


A few years ago in an interview with a reporter, the then United States Attorney in Chicago stated that Chicago was not going to arrest its way out of its violence problem. Yesterday Mayor Lightfoot repeated those very words. In my opinion, we should at least give it some thought. We have been mired in the same old spin cycle for some 60 years. The speeches, the cries for more resources, better schools, more job opportunities, throwing billions of dollars into failed programs, the blame game that our leaders are still attempting to make Government the head of families.

The fact is we are left with thug killers who are not going away anytime soon. They are in the neighborhoods creating mayhem. We have politicians and top cops who constantly spin crime figures from month to month, what they fail to reveal is the reasons for a drop here and a drop there, when in fact it does happen. Not one mention of a polar vortex, or driving rain storms. Chicago has had one of its worst years weather-wise in decades.  The fact is the weather is the single best deterrent to violent crime in the world. Thugs remain warm and dry but rest assured when the weather does break, the revenge killings, the fights over expanding territories, the selling of dope, the robberies and carjacking will be out in full force.



The above photo should be a startling figure for Chicago’s leadership, keep saying you cannot arrest your way out of the violence may be convincing people you can’t. According to probably the most reliable site for honest reporting, heyjackass.com—- (they have no agenda). Those gang thugs are not responding to open library’s, more workshops or job opportunities, they are not interested in cleaning up vacant lots, they are not going away. Cancer has to be cut out, those gangs are cancer and they have to be removed. ARRESTED, TRIED, AND CONVICTED, AND SENT AWAY FROM A DECENT SOCIETY. The weather is changing, surely the mayhem will be in full force. Repeating past failures begets failure, its insanity. Einstein was a genius, not a politician.



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