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Baseball on Steroids Again/ Wow! the Owners Figured it Out/Juice the Ball Stupid

Major League Baseball owners and players alike can never be called stupid.  When teams are worth from one billion dollars, (Tampa Bay and the Miami Marlins) to the Red Sox, Cubs and Yankees chiming in at 3 to 5 billion dollars, and the other 25 teams falling in between those numbers, stupid is nowhere to... Read more »

Clueless In Chicago/ First try and place blame/ When that fails then search for answers

Last Wednesday at least 500 teens gathered in and around Chicago’s downtown and North Michigan Avenue, in what is commonly called a wilding. Hundreds of shoppers and tourists scrambled as huge brawls broke out as they snatched purses, cell phones,  beat people at random and flooded into stores to smash and grab merchandise.  Certainly nothing... Read more »

A Casual Killer/ Texting/Talking/ Distracted Drivers are the new Scourge.

Most Cops I’m sure never really dwelled on Elizabeth Barrett Brownings Sonnett#43. For some reason it has always been in the back of my mind. The opening line “HOW DO I LOVE THEE? LET ME COUNT THE WAYS.” It’s that gallows humor or cynicism that can can creep into the thoughts of people who are... Read more »

Crime Matters/ Crime Victims Matter/Black Lives Matter/ What Life Doesn't Matter?.

When you start bouncing words around with catch phrases, primarily to draw attention, to one cause after another, it’s inevitable someone or something takes a back seat. Of course victims of violent crimes seldom are around to draw attention to their death or debilitating injuries. Chicago is less than 10 days into April and as... Read more »

Hate Hustlers/ Race Baiters/Ignoring Killers/ The Agenda is more important then the Truth

A few weeks ago the current Mayor and the Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson were on every newscast in Chicago touting the 30% drop in violent crime for the first 3 months of 2019 as compared to 2018. Certainly there are times when one has to give credit where credit is due. THIS IS NOT... Read more »

Uber/ Lyft/Whats in a Name ?/ Could be your life/ Be Smart/ Some Safety Tips.

Oh the convenience of it all. Just download the app, make the call  wait a few minutes and off you go. The most recent phenomenon in our connected world is the great convenience provided by the two biggest leading taxi’s the world over, Lyft and Uber. It is not my attention to scare the hell... Read more »

Mayor Elect Lori Lightfoot/ 3 Years ago/ When Few Knew Her/ Destiny Strikes

The Lori Lightfoot bandwagon is in full swing in Chicago after her resounding defeat of Cook County President Toni Preckwinkle. If Custer would have survived the battle of Little Big Horn most likely he would have felt like Preckwinkle today. The word defeat doesn’t tell the real tale, she lost in a Lightfoot landslide by... Read more »