Tougher Gun Laws/Yada-Yada/Oh! the Caterwauling/Fugacious.

Tougher Gun Laws/Yada-Yada/Oh! the Caterwauling/Fugacious.

I sincerely apologize for using Caterwauling and Fugacious, along with Yada Yada in a story as serious as Gun Control. But the reality is, it fits the folly.Overall research shows that lax gun-laws invite more gun deaths while stricter laws make us safer. In other words, it follows that common sense laws followed by strict enforcement and punishment of those repeating criminal behavior while armed would be a solution. However in Chicago sorry to say”It ain’t  happening.”  After a twenty year dramatic increase of  gun violence in 2016  in Chicago, the shrieking  and bellowing by the City’s leaders reached a fever pitch. Of course the calls for stricter gun laws were being shouted in unison by all those who felt they had to place the blame somewhere, and after all, the guns and the  thugs  using them were the logical  targets. It was clear to everyone they bellowed that we need to get new tougher laws and by God they were determined to appeal to Illinois law makers to make it happen.

So off they went to Springfield, Superintendent Eddie Johnson and Mayor Rahm Emanuel led the charge, along with several  other local  gas bags . I had visions of the Circus Clown Car ,wondering how many clowns could finally dash from one vehicle. They were pushing for a passage of what was dubbed “The Safe neighborhood Reform Act.” With then State Senator Kwame Raoul shepherding the Bill through Springfield with bipartisan support and the backing of newspaper editorial boards. They all  claimed victory after it was signed by the Governor who boasted it  marked a rare legislative victory for his first term in office.  It would have in effect more than doubled the prison time for repeat gun offenders. Superintendent Johnson stated it would create a mental culture not to pick up a gun in Chicago and reduce gun violence by 50% in a year.

Well we are well over a year with the new laws on the books and not once has the new laws been used. Certainly not for lack of shooters if you follow Chicago’s headlines week after week, by the end of the year gun violence will reach over 7,000 shot since the law went into effect. Somebody is doing all that shooting.  A Sun-times investigation by Frank Main spilled the beans so to speak. More than likely you would probably have to spend decades listening to the excuses of why it all went sour but the best explanation came from Democratic Rep. Sonya Harper. Rep. Harper represents that part of the south-side called Englewood, a fertile killing field for gang thugs for many years. Here is what she had to say “THE PUSH FOR TOUGHER GUN LAWS IN SPRINGFIELD, IS THE BIGGEST LIE IV’E HEARD IN SPRINGFIELD.” Considering the cesspool of Illinois’s corrupt politicians that have operated in the State capitol, that is one hell of a lie.


What possibly could have gone wrong. Two words come to mind, Agenda’s and Politics. Former Chicago Police Superintendent and Mayoral candidate Garry McCarthy served the reason up with one right down the middle waist high. In a written statement he placed the Blame on Toni Preckwinke the President of the Cook County Board, and also an announced candidate for Mayor of Chicago (geez think of a bumper sticker that says honk if your running for  Mayor of Chicago). The noise would be deafening. In that position Preckwinke has a virtual strangle hold on the States Attorneys Office and the Criminal Courts in Cook County. This is what McCarthy had to offer up.” it’s difficult to identify a person more accountable for the wholesale slaughter of African Americans in this City. It’s a misaligned political agenda that is not reflective of reality in the Criminal Justice world. You simply cannot let everyone out of prison.”

Respected retired Cook County Judge, Dan Locallo says “that no matter what Springfield does and no matter what public officials proclaim the effect on crime of any law to raise sentences is likely to be minimal, based on the realities of the streets of Chicago and the functioning of the Courthouse. The Politicians want to tell their constituents Hey! look at how tough I am, I increased the penalties on charge X. Well we had the death penalty at one time, did that have an effect on murder?”

It’s difficult to quote a Communist if you are an American, and believe me if old Joe McCarthy was still lurking I would not dare, but one can learn a great deal from our enemies.Vladimir Lenin once said ” There are no morals in politics; there is only expedience.” A Scoundrel may be of use to us just because he is a Scoundrel”……  Playing politics with people’s lives has no other name. Criminals no matter the skin color are criminals and as such they need to be held accountable. The ankle monitors, community service, and Judges assigning gun offenders to do book reports and the idea that every arrestee needs an affordable bond is preposterous. Chicagoan’s deserve better…….  Aristotle got it right over 2,000 year’s ago.  “THE LAW IS REASON-FREEDOM FROM PASSION.”… Chicago needs a gut check.

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