Land of Lincoln/ The City of Big Shoulders/Swamp Lands or Hope

img_8825At first glance one might believe this featured photo is click bait. However,  on further review as they say the words turn out to be true. All five cities have something in common. You’ve probably guessed right, after a few seconds. As far as Chicago goes it’s kinda easy to think of over 60 years of failed Democratic policies and programs. Both Illinois and Chicago have bled folks dry bribing the people with the people’s money, and it is clear there is no end in sight. Back to square one with new faces.

At least 15 more from the Democratic party are lining up bashing each other to continue the mayhem. Recently Illinois endured watching a billionaire spend at least 130 million dollars of his own money to continue to bleed Illinois dry, Governor elect J.B. (Toilets) Pritzker. Make no mistake more tax bashing is on the way. Is it any wonder why lots of folks are convinced both Illinois and Chicago are active swamps of failed politics. Billions of dollars in debt, violence reaching epidemic proportions, and the taxes alone are causing a frightening exodus to other states and cities.  Lots of folks really believe both city and state are indeed active swamps worthy of a mass exodus.

Recently I was told the following by a person I have known and respected for over 50 years. He has the respect of thousands of us who have known him.  Ivan Rittenberg, but first a little bit of his background. He’s a lawyer, was a street cop and detective who rose to the rank of Deputy Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department. He was also a Chicago Alderman. A person who we might describe as one of those rare creatures who has literally seen it all.

Here is what he had to say, “Look who the voters choose to follow, look at how people are always reelected. If you do come to the center of power and have real programs, scruples, and principles, the politicians say you are not a team player (their team) the newspapers, reporters, TV personalities ignore you or worse. The media seems to cater to money and power. Having money to spread around makes you a serious candidate.” (see Pritzker for a shining example who never held public office in his life, was left billions of dollars through family wealth enabling him to buy his way into politics and soon to  making decisions on how people live their lives.) “This is a given even if you are intellectually challenged. They elect people who take care of special interest. I do not feel sorry for Chicagoans. They reap what they sow.  Neither integrity nor intellect or good works are admired. For the last 35 years I have ignored politics and politicians and did what I could for my family and financial interests first. I am now living a comfortable life. I agree with Rabbi Jesus, “One does not cast pearls before swine (Matthew 7:6). Self interest is rampant in Illinois, politics and evil prevail over the public good. It is preserved by false narratives that divide communities that stymie constructive change.”

One mans opinion to be sure, but a very wise man indeed.Many people will disagree with what he had to say, but in my opinion his words need to be heard.  Seldom do we get a platform to insight into the powers that run our lives.  People that elect corrupt and incompetent leaders are not victims they are ACCOMPLICES.

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