Good Guys/Bad Guys/ Dumb Guys/Those in Between

Good Guys/Bad Guys/ Dumb Guys/Those in Between

I couldn’t help noticing while watching the Funeral Services for Officer Samuel  Jimenez all the Dignitaries that were there to pay their respects to the 28 year old husband and father of 3 young children. A Governor, a Cardinal, a Mayor, and many many more. Officer Jimenez was murdered on November 19th while running to the defense of those who were being attacked at Mercy Hospital in Chicago by a crazed gunman armed with a Glock automatic Pistol. As usual the suspect’s history showed a very troubled and erratic individual with a checkered past involving violence against women. Running to the gunfire is what Cops do.

Cops are faced on an almost daily basis with individuals who have so many monster tendency’s it leaves an everlasting impression on anybody who takes an oath to  Serves and Protect. It’s impossible to block it all out when leaving for home and family.  It comes with the job. Recently there has been a push to get the officers help that will not leave a stigma or jeopardize their job security. This year alone, Chicago  has seen two of it’s officers murdered while on duty, and  5 have committed suicide.

Every single day they deal with people who are having the worst day of their lives and at times the effect goes unnoticed until it all builds up. Cops running to gunfire as well as Fireman rushing into burning buildings while  most everyone else is running away is going against the grain for sure.  Hard times don’t create hero’s, it’s during hard times the hero is revealed. Officer Samuel Jimenez was indeed a hero. It’s no secret that Cops are far from perfect, the job is dangerous and at times frustrating, dealing with people and being the face of decades of failed politics and programs and being called upon to be things such as Doctors, Phycologists, Mind Readers etc  is not realistic we don’t  have answers for everything. It does not work that way, and so we have failures that scream out in headlines of bad behavior that taint 98% of those who are on the tip of the sword.

It’s no secret that Chicago is constantly being reminded that there  is a tension between the Community and the Police who serve them. Somehow a City that has epidemic like violence of shootings and murders by waring gangs have convinced some people that  the police are at fault and the distrust is partly to blame. Gang thugs and killers have entire neighborhoods living in fear, not only of gang retaliation but of being shot down in crossfires. Make no mistake they do retaliate, snitches not only get stitches but they also get found dead in ditches. Folks in those hoods and their families live there 24 hours a day and are known to the thugs in the life. Here is a quote from a 5 part documentary called “The Trade” Even though death is all around us, we are still afraid to speak out because we DON”T want to DIE, it’s much easier to call the police the problem.” Yep, Indeed much easier.”img_8826

What has happed is that entire communities are not calling 911 or cooperating because of fear of dying, non criminals are strapping, the percentage of people carrying guns has escalated, it’s no joke to equate Chicago with Dodge City, people often do. As I looked at the crowd at Officer Jimenez’s Funeral I wonderer if a representative from the ACLU was in attendance, certainly his civil liberties were violated. The ACLU, the paper warriors, who are more concerned with counting the color of people that are stopped and arrested then they are the people being  murdered and wounded.  Criminal behavior should be blind to color. There are people in America that are worried that crime will become a new entitlement as more people are afraid to stand up to it for fear of being called racist more then they are of loosing their civilization.

The American Civil Liberties Union has come under fire in recent weeks, most recently by Bostons Police Commissioner Willian G. Gross for filing suit to prevent that Department from  maintaining a “GANG DATA BASE” if you can just imagine that for a second, killer gangs and the thugs in them are being defended from  being the subject of scrutiny. It’s hard to make crap like that up. In Chicago they threatened to file suit unless the City agreed to a 40 minute report just to stop a suspicious group leaving an alley at 3 am. Immediately after the City capitulated the street stops by Cops dropped over 80%, a tactic that was without question the best tool to stop blatant gang shootings. It din’t take  a genius to predict the mayhem that followed and is still raging in Chicago. Last week the esteemed Harvard Professor Alan Dershowitz next in the batters box  against the ACLU claiming the once widely respected ACLU of losing it’s way and becoming a partisan player. YA THINK SO PROFESSOR. At least somebody is paying attention,  while Chicago’s leadership is  snoozing.


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