Chicago's Crime Stats/The Fiction/The Reality

Chicago's Crime Stats/The Fiction/The Reality

Every month or so the Chicago Police Department releases the monthly crime statistics. Of course whenever you have to rely on any organization including Police Departments reporting on their own results, it’s always wise to sometimes be aware of the messenger. The difference between fiction and reality is of course fiction has to make sense. Chicago’s police leaders continue to insist that crime is down city wide.

However a closer look tells an entirely different story. Back in 2013 several community activists  in the Uptown neighborhood were  disgusted and disheartened with inaccurate and false crime information being provided at local community policing meetings. They have since become a force in truth in crime reporting in their  Lake View neighborhoods, which include, Wrigleyville and  Boystown. Today they are are known as CWB Chicago.

After 33 years serving Chicago as a Police Officer, I can tell you I do know a thing or ten thousand about killing crime, as it  is called by cops. Each and every Police Commander had their own way of getting the monthly crime stats into a wash machine to get the desired results. Burglaries became damage to properties, a theft from a person which is a felony, got rinsed down to a theft, aggravated batteries became simple assaults, Arsons became damage to property. The Fudge list is endless and sometimes very creative. I was once told by an old time boss to make a stolen five thousand pound safe a “Lost and Found Report.”


Chicago Magazine did a startling 3 part series back in April of 2014 that even included  fudging homicides and shootings. This brought about what could be called “a forced creativity” by those Police Command creatures who were determined to paint a nice cushy safe City that their political sponsors desperately wanted them  to portray.

CWB Chicago reports that crime is at a five year high in Lincoln Park, the Loop, and Near North neighborhoods such as River North, Streeterville, the Magnificent Mile, and the Toney Gold Coast area. Overall reported crime in the loop is up a staggering 47% over the past five years. The Loop area includes Chicago’s central business district, the theatre districts and  Millennium Park among other popular attractions. It kinda reminds of Willie Sutton a famous American Bank robber who is said to have robbed 40 banks in his life time. When asked once by a Judge “why he robbed banks” he simply stated with a Guffaw “IT’S WHERE THE MONEY IS.” Willie was wise enough not to add the word STUPID  to his answer. It seems Chicago’s criminals have discovered where the victims and the money is also.

CWB Chicago further states in it’s latest investigation that indeed crime is in fact down about 350 incidents in the Uptown neighborhood. But the reduction is not due to a massive decline in serious crimes. Ready! No surprise here at least, instead Police have essentially stopped enforcing drug laws on the streets. Remember since the City and the ACLU signed that infamous agreement, street stops by Cops in Chicago  are down 80 to 82%. This resulted in 400 fewer narcotics crimes reported in Uptown this year, as opposed to 5 years ago. So consequently yes, crime is down by 350 cases in Uptown but only because 396 fewer arrests have been made. Just 44 this year as opposed to 440 during the same periods 5 years ago. Imagine if every Chicago neighborhood had the same scrutiny that CWB Chicago brings to their community. My guess it would be an eye opener.

The FBI reported yesterday that hate crimes in America have SPIKED by 17%. My first thought was wow, but then I got to thinking about crime reporting again. The Hate Crime Prevention Act was signed into law in 2009. It included, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, the disabled, and Military personal and their families. It is the first all inclusive bill passed in the United States and it took 45 YEARS to complete.

The FBI did not provide any of that information just the headline 17% SPIKE in hate crimes. Given that the law is less than 9 years old, a spike would seem a bit dramatic in my opinion. We have to take a look around and see how much America has changed in the last 9 years and realize unfortunately, that Spike will become the norm as more Law Enforcement agencies  and the FBI begin enforcing hate crimes evenly across America. I know that every budding reporter the world over knows when reporting on a story, if a person tells them that they love their Mother “CHECK IT OUT.” The same should apply to crime reporting. Remember, Illusion, delusion, collusion. Who are you going to believe them or your eyes?



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