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America is  yet again reeling from the news of 3 more mass shootings in one weeks time. Per the usual, the calls for gun control are once again center stage. Since 1965, including the Texas Tower 11 dead, through the Virginia Tech’s slaughter of 33 dead, to Sandy Hooks 28 killed, to Luby’s Cafe in Killeen, Texas 24 killed, to name just a few, mass shootings have become part of our everyday thoughts. Without boring you all with these words, but they have become some of the most profound words in American history. The mighty brains of the world have rinsed, analyzed, and stayed awake nights trying to interpret their true meaning. Our founding Fathers adopted them on December 15, 1791 as part of the Bill of Rights. “A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.”

Two recent challenges to those words, one in 2008 in the Heller decision, the Supreme Court ruled that “THAT” right indeed does belong to individuals in their homes for self-defense. Another was very close to home for all Chicagoans, when in 2010 the Supreme Court ruled in McDonald vs the City of Chicago that the due process clause of the 14th Amendment limits the power of the City of Chicago to outlaw the possession of handguns by private citizens. Mayor Daley found it easier to harass gun owners and go after the guns  instead of the thugs using them. Guns don’t vote. Hey they tried, lots of goofy things work in Chicago.

I’m not adding what little brain power I have for interpreting the law and certainly not the words of the 2nd Amendment but I’m wondering if our founding Fathers could ever imagine that “the right of the people to keep and bear arms” would be for protection from our very own citizens. It is estimated that over 400 MILLION handguns are owned by private citizens in the U.S.  The next closest country is India at 70 million followed by Yemen at 52.8 million. Is it any wonder why Harvard educated Japanese Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto and the architect of the sneak attack on Pearl Harbor, dissuaded the Japanese Government from invading the United States. His words to them were,  “You will be awakening a sleeping giant and you will be facing a rifle behind every blade of grass.”  Harvard taught him something indeed.


According to the Gradual Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva, each year in the United States more than 30,000 people die in firearm related incidents, the majority of those deaths involve handguns.  Among high income countries the U. S. accounts for 80% of all the gun deaths in the world.  Amnesty International has declared it an epidemic and states that, “WE ALL WANT TO BE SAFE AND SECURE, AND LIVE WITHOUT FEAR, AND THAT’S A HUMAN RIGHT THAT WE ALL HAVE.”  Words, but at least they are saying something. It seems to me they are saying more than our so called leaders here in Chicago.  A lot of these local politicians like to say at times “THAT ALL POLITICS ARE LOCAL.” Well I’d like to add to that and say all of Chicago’s violence is also local and no amount of local politicians is doing a damn thing about it.

Back in January of this year the Tribune did a study of Chicago’s homicides since 1957.  Over 39,000 homicides in 61 years.  They found that Chicago has homicide totals of 700 or more nearly half the time — 27 of 60 years — and has been lower than 500 a third of the time — 19 of 60 years.  So murder and violence is certainly no stranger to the City. In the last 7.5 years Chicago has had over 4,000 murders and more than 24,000 people shot.

We have been through the cocaine wars, scores and scores of gang wars and we now have 3 trauma centers and the finest paramedics in the country and we still keep reporting homicides and shootings in epidemic like proportions. My question is where is the revulsion in all of this? Where is the leadership? It is past time to stop the huffing and the gas blowing and quit trying to go after the 2nd Amendment and quit trying to lay blame and look for excuses.  Show some courage and go after the shooters that are causing this to happen. ITS THE GANGS STUPID.  400 million guns and the 2nd Amendment are not going away. No gang is bigger than an entire city.  The ACLU is not equipped to safeguard a city that is in desperate need of protection from tyranny.  HELLO.

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