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Politics/ Priorities/Spin

In the last few days in Chicago I don’t believe anyone could escape the headlines and newscasts regarding the Police Consent decree being released in the form of a draft.  All parties including Lisa Madigan, the Attorney General of the State of Illinois,  Mayor Emanuel, and almost the entire contingent of candidates running for Mayor... Read more »

Police Consent Decrees/The Stench Of Politics/

Yesterday Mayor Emanuel and Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan released a draft  of a 225 page Consent Decree for the Chicago Police Department.  Consent Decrees are certainly nothing new in the country.  Cities such as Los Angeles, Washington DC, Detroit,  New Orleans, Cleveland and more than 23 others across the country have, or are working... Read more »

Toddlers Shot/ Children Shot/ Silent Leadership

This afternoon came word in Chicago that a three year old has been shot along with her father. Since the beginning of the year over 80 Children under 16 have been shot in the City. Of course hundreds and hundreds  of others have been murdered and wounded but somehow when it involves young children and... Read more »

Cops/The Media/The Divide

In a recent study by the Pew Research Center it found that most police officers see significant challenges on the job in the wake of high profile incidents involving law enforcement and black citizens. Indeed, a recent best selling book went a step further and called it “The War On Cops.” For most cops, attitudes... Read more »

Graffiti/ Gangs/Taggers/ /Aerosol Art.

Graffiti/ Gangs/Taggers/ /Aerosol Art.
In the last few days it was very disheartening for me  to see Alderman Burke and Alderman O’Shea try and water down  Chicago’s ban on Spray paint. After almost 23 years it seems the good Alderman are suddenly worried about the profits of Ace Hardware and  True Value Hardware. I can tell you that those... Read more »


Police Departments are defined as a legitimate governmental body, charged with the authority to maintain order, prevent crime, and enforce the laws of of government. In other words the police agency ensures that the government remains a stable and respectable  entity within society. The job of the police does not exclude ANYONE from abiding by... Read more »

Chicago's Violence Soars Unabated/The Human Toll/The Price tag/ Tax Payers Money / Bribing the People with the Peoples money

Chicago's Violence Soars Unabated/The Human Toll/The Price tag/ Tax Payers Money / Bribing the People with the Peoples money
I wrote this over 2 years ago but somehow it stands even more shocking today. Yesterday 29 September 2020 with Chicago surging to over 600 Souls murdered and over 3,202 shot anybody who lives in Chicago most likely unbeknownst to them, has FLESH in the Mayhem. If you missed the original post, this will shock... Read more »

Violence Awareness/ The Nations Public Highways/

Father Pflager’s anti-violence march on the Dan Ryan Expressway on Saturday, July 7th,  in case nobody was paying attention, has legal precedent that goes back to the Civil Rights movement in 1965.  On March 7th 1965,  hundreds of Civil Rights demonstrators marched from Selma, Alabama to the State Capitol in Montgomery to call attention to... Read more »

Righties/Lefties/ Left Wing /Right Wing/Labels/ Being a Lefty and a Righty and not Scorned

I remember back in a more innocent time when if you were a righty or a lefty it simply meant what side of the batters box you hit from when playing baseball.  It certainly had nothing to do with one’s political leanings such as Right Wing or Left Wing.  Add that to   the Left Leaning... Read more »