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Mike Royko/ One Of A kind/ Chicago's Very Own

Chicago without question has talented and cherished reporters and newspaper columnist’s. We’ve been blessed to have two great Daily newspapers. Most times the news that we see on our television screens have come  from the work of those who report on  the news and comments in both newspapers.  Reporting and commenting on the big and... Read more »

Quadruple Judgement/ Quadruple Jeopardy/ Just Cops?

Think about this.  One of the least free people in our free society are the nation’s cops.  Every single American including killers, rapists, sexual predators, etc., has the Fifth Amendment protection including double jeopardy.  So now we have this “let’s keep looking for some organization or any useful idiot to force our agenda” mentality and... Read more »

American Freedoms/ E Pluribus Unum/The struggle Continues

America is called the “land of the free” and deservingly so. We have freedoms that no other nation on earth ever experienced. We have freedom of speech, religion and freedom of the press.  We have protections from unreasonable search and seizure and the right to bear arms (wow is that ever being tested) in todays... Read more »

Shakespeare/ The Bard Upon Avon/ 55 Billion copies

When asked how he wanted to be remembered the great American novelist Henry James responded: “for as long as possible.” I often wondered if William Shakespeare ever contemplated that question? Because if he did he no doubt would have been delighted, to say the least. On Monday 23 April  Shakespeare will have been dead for... Read more »

Newsrooms/ Unions/Corporate Bottom Lines

Today came the announcement that the Chicago Tribune Newsroom employees were gathering signatures to form a union. In my opinion, this should sound an alarm to all of us who depend on the freedom of the press as we try to make sense of some of the tough issues that confront us in our daily... Read more »

Shakespeare/ Whats in a Name/ Commander Paul Bauer

When I ask myself the question “what’s in a name” I’m certainly not thinking of Shakespeare’s “a rose by any other name would smell as sweet”, made famous in Romeo and Juliette. In our modern times, we clearly see the value in a name, American companies pay millions of dollars to have sports stadiums named... Read more »

When courage Is Met With Scorn-The Other Shoe

Im my opinion there are times when a courageous act goes unnoticed and indeed sometimes is met with scorn. I remember in 1966 when Dr. Martin Luther King came to Chicago to lead marches for open housing, he was met with feverish vitriol by counter-demonstrators and even the City’s Mayor, Richard J. Daley called him... Read more »