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New Year! Let Self-Care Discover A New You

  Out with the old in with taking care of you. Within this past year, a lot of people have decided to put their self-care at the top of their priorities. No more allowing toxic or stressful things and people to bring them down. With the stress of 2020, why not spend the top of... Read more »

End Of The Year Budgeting Tips

  This year has really been financially strenuous for many Americans and the financial struggle continues as the pandemic wreaks havoc. This has definitely been a scary time for all of us. Many people are struggling with job loss with no financial means. I’m not by any means an accountant or a financial guru but I... Read more »

How To Reduce Scam Text Or Phone Calls

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The pandemic and quarantine actually brought some good news in the fight against robocalls, which has been a major problem in the US. Due to lockdowns around the world, many large scale call centers were shut down (even the illegal ones) which translated into a significant drop in robocalls reaching the US, which were at... Read more »

Make Working From Home A Little Easier With These Items

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The transition from cubicle to a corner of your home hasn’t been easy for many of us. Working from home has really been a huge adjustment. What to buy? Where to set up? During a pandemic??? All of this can be a bit overwhelming. Luckily, the “work from home” territory is not new to my... Read more »

Easy Holiday Entertaining With Nekia Nichelle | CBS 2 Chicago

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Holiday entertaining can be stressful, trust me I know. Below are a few tips, tricks and products that makes the process easier so you can spend that extra time with family. First tip is two words: TIME-SAVERS. Make sure you have cookware and gadgets that’s going to reduce time in the kitchen. Second tip is... Read more »