Spring Up Your Beauty Routine

Spring Up Your Beauty Routine

Say goodbye to old scaly skin and hello to a natural glow! With the constant mask-wearing and harsh winter wreaking havoc on our skin, we wanted to showcase some products that you can add to level up your beauty routine. These products were also highlighted on ABC 12 WISN in Milwaukee, press play for the full segment.

Bravity- Sleeping Bra

Andrea Castaneda created Bravity because she believed in aging with grace. It’s the best no-cup sleeping bra that prevents the formation of creases and wrinkles on the cleavage & helps eliminate existing ones. She also sells anti-wrinkle workout bras & neck & cleavage firming cream.

For us women, aging should be a beautiful – not fearsome – process,” states Andrea. “Your cleavage is an area of the body that, when not tended to properly, can make you look much older than you really are. Bravity® was designed to help you match your body to the incredible woman that you are. Now you have a natural and safe option to prevent and diminish those bothersome lines, and while you sleep!

DeepCBDs- Skincare

CEO & Co-Founder, Venus Caruso, left her legal career to start DeepCBDs after personally experiencing the positive effects of CBD on her sleep quality, stress, inflammation & pain. Provides top quality hemp-derived CBD formulated products for nourishing and nurturing your mind and body—so you can feel renewed & rejuvenated. Refresh + Nourish (Facial Cleanser, 20mg CBD – Lightweight daily facial cleanser formulated with nourishing botanicals that penetrates the skin to remove buildup and moisturize without any stripping), Hydrate + Refine (Facial Toner, 20mg CBD – Pamper your skin with this invigorating, yet gentle facial toner to help tighten facial pores and reduce oil and toxin buildup) and Revive + Restore (Face Cream + Collagen Retinol, 20mg CBD – an antioxidant face cream that gently refines and resurfaces your facial skin to fade unwanted age spots, combat acne and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles). 


YouVeda Mood


YouVeda is here to help relax your mind, body, and soul with their combination of ancient Ayurvedic wisdom and modern science in their essential oils and supplement kits. As the essential oils touches your skin, they’re immediately absorbed, providing natural healing from the outside in! Each kit is designed for a specific use whether it be to enhance your mood, build immunity, help digestion or ease joint pain, YouVeda helps your body and mind get back into balance. Enjoy an extra 15% off using the code NEKIA15!!

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