Radio Personality Angela Yee & Financial Guru Stacey Tisdale Launched #TeamWealthWednesdays

Radio Personality Angela Yee & Financial Guru Stacey Tisdale Launched #TeamWealthWednesdays

The Breakfast Club Co-Host, Angela Yee
 and Stacey Tisdale, award-winning on-air financial journalist, and Founder of Mind Money Media launched a new platform – — to help African Americans build personal, generational, and community wealth.“The Black community was making financial strides that were wiped out in an instant by the Covid pandemic,” says Yee. “It’s hard to see possibilities under this kind of financial and emotional stress. We are going to fill this void, help people reconnect with their dreams, and help them create a sound financial base from which they can achieve them.”Users on will be able to connect to free financial counseling, small business advice, and credit counseling, as well as participate in webinars, and virtual events.
Visitors will be encouraged to take the Team Wealth Wednesdays Pledge which will allow them to participate in weekly, actionable, educational content to help them align their financial choices with their highest goals and priorities.
The platform also aims to encourage organizations to join the fight for economic justice and economic repair.  Partners will be limited to those aligned with the platform’s social mission, and meet these criteria:

  • Their products and services help solve systemic economic barriers the community faces, such as access to credit, and accessible entry points for investing and financial wellness products and reflect the needs of Black consumers.
  • They are committed to wealth building for Blacks through community initiatives.
  • They demonstrate a commitment to diversity in their corporate cultures.

How we build this platform – this movement – is as important as what we build,” says Tisdale. “Achieving true economic equality and justice is going to be a team effort. It’s going to be a partnership between individuals, communities, institutions, and the government. will offer educational content, programming, and resources on a range of topics including:

  • Investing
  • Credit & Debt management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Homeownership
  • Managing financial stress
  • Race, gender & money
  • Generational wealth building
  • Career coaching & recruitment
  • Celebrity money lessons
  • Author showcases
  • The Gig Economy
  • Student loan debt solutions

In celebration of the #TeamWealthWednesday launch, we got to speak to Angela Yee about money matters and ways to start becoming financially free. Click the video above to watch!

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