Easy Holiday Entertaining With Nekia Nichelle | CBS 2 Chicago

Holiday entertaining can be stressful, trust me I know. Below are a few tips, tricks and products that makes the process easier so you can spend that extra time with family.

First tip is two words: TIME-SAVERS. Make sure you have cookware and gadgets that’s going to reduce time in the kitchen.

Second tip is DISTRACT: When guest arrive and you’re still prepping- send them away! The easiest way to do that is distract them with food, drinks and holiday activities.

I often create a beautiful cheese board with an array of cheeses, nuts, jams/spreads…etc. This last distraction is really great option to get the kiddies involved. Thanksgiving is the time of year where people start putting up their Christmas tree. so why not gather your family around and have them help decorate the tree.

To see some great product that will help you achieve a stress-free kitchen. Watch the video above.

Premadonna Cookware, The Negg, Drink Perfector , cheesesofeurope.com, Magic Ornaments®

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