Small Forces Shines Light on Chicago Nonprofits Through the Power of Storytelling

Small Forces is a group of strategists and creatives dedicated to helping others spread good. The Chicago-based firm specializes in telling stories through a journalistic lens, creating short documentaries about nonprofits working to make a difference.

Stories for their partners have helped to secure key partnerships, raise significant funds, recruit volunteers, and inspire action.

Their belief that every single person is a small force who can make extraordinary things happen, utilizing the intrinsic power of good and letting it echo outward into the community is what propels them to help small nonprofits and organizations increase their impact.

kp_2“All of the organizations we work with are led by people who are working in their communities to use their own talents to make a difference. We look at organizations who utilize their own passions to impact their communities in creative ways. They are all very different initiatives but they’re all working toward community development,” 

explains Small Forces’ Executive Producer, Katie Prentiss Onsager.

“They are started by individuals who started from scratch and through their own hard work and force of will have managed to grow. Small Forces is drawn to stories that are inspiring and motivating and if we could amplify the good they’re doing by telling their stories, that’s our goal.”

The Floured Apron is one of the organizations Small Forces has partnered with and their unique approach to helping women in need is one that can be replicated in other areas.

We want to provide this service for organizations that wouldn’t be able tojf_3 do it on their own. Smaller organizations with limited budgets don’t have the resources to devote to this kind of film making,”

says Jamie Fleischel, Small Forces’ Senior Executive Producer.

We hope the stories we tell will help others who feel like problems they want to help with are insurmountable to realize their efforts can actually chip away at large problems and make a real difference.

That “real difference” is evident in the work Floured Apron continues to do in Chicago. The organization helps women who are dealing with tough situations like joblessness and homelessness to bounce back by empowering them to develop job skills and prepares them to become economically stable through baking workshops led by renowned chefs.

Graduates of the program have gone on to find work in restaurants and bakeries, allowing them to enter a field they would have never had access to on their own.

Baking is an easy way to bring women together. You put them together over a batch of cookies and everyone finds common ground,” says the organizations founder, Emily Boling.

“Life is messy and we’re all here trying to work it out together and baking is our vehicle.”

Check out the video, above.

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