3 Kick-Ass Women Entrepreneurs You Should Know This Women’s History Month

3 Kick-Ass Women Entrepreneurs You Should Know This Women’s History Month

Just when you think that things should be more evolved, progressive and equal in 2016, you discover that there are still people who think women should be in the house barefoot and pregnant. Despite the close-minded thoughts of many, these 3 women had an idea, took a leap of faith in themselves and started start up their own business. Today we are celebrating Women’s Day, but as we explained in our earlier post [3 Kick-Ass Women You Should Know Making An Impact This Women’s History Month], we will be spotlighting different women throughout the whole month.

Without further ado, Let’s take a look at 3 Kick-Ass Women Who Are Entrepreneurs:

Tracey Sloga, BootRescue Founder Tracey Sloga Head ShotVia Tracey’s bio: “The founder of BootRescue, Tracey Sloga, is a Canadian and a fashion lover who’s always been crazy about boots. (If you ask her husband, he might say she has more pairs than entirely necessary.) Growing up in Canada, Tracey was often frustrated by salt ruining her prized possessions. After one particularly bad winter she’d had enough and threw herself into finding a solution. Within a year she developed, produced and launched BootRescue Wipes. Buoyed by the success of this product, she went on to develop a range of wipes (always all-natural), which have kept shoes and boots in over 50 countries around the world damage-free and looking gorgeous.”

We’ve tried a few of the BootRescue Wipes and they do wonders on bringing boots back to life. Thanks Tracey for saving our butts….uh we mean, boots! 

Grace Eleyae, SLAPS Founder

Slaps GraceVia Grace’s bio: “One secret for protecting your hair at night and avoiding a detangling nightmare in the morning is to sleep wearing a silk or satin scarf or bonnet. This applies to any long periods of time when the hair is directly exposed to harsh conditions such as extreme weather and moisture-absorbing cotton and other fabrics.

​​Grace saw this first hand in December of 2012 while in Africa. With​ ​her fine hair already weakened by the dry Kenyan heat,​ ​​she​ ​went on a six-hour long excursion to the Indian Ocean coast of Kenya.​ ​She ​spent 12 hours (round-trip) with​ ​​her head bouncing against a headrest that was composed of materials that basically sucked the moisture out of​ ​​her​ ​already fragile strands. By the time she came back to the States three weeks later,​ ​her hair had completely broken off in the middle of her head — the place where her head rested for those twelve hours.

SLAPS provides a solution to that problem. These versatile, stylish caps were designed to combine style, comfort and functionality. The satin lining keeps the hair moisturized, protected, and even tangle-free when resting. The elastic band ensures it stays on your head whether you’re wearing it during the day, or through the night. And the cotton knit exterior allows you to be incognito on those days when you want to be as discreet as possible.”

We would love to SLAP this product across the heads of women we see leaving the house looking a hot mess in a tacky bonnet. Not cute girl! SLAPS is perfect for those women who are guilty of committing the “Aunt Mable” fashion crime. 

Kate Coffey, Chocolate Twist Founder 

kc.choc.hands.Via Kate’s bio: “Chocolate Twist is the creation of Kate Coffey, Queen of the Twist, in 2011. As a child, Kate was captivated by her grandmothers’ ability to cook and bake seemingly effortlessly. Nana Coffey was famous for her homemade bread, cookies and biscuits. Nonni Bruno could put up a pot of pasta gravy faster than anyone. All the while, Kate’s beloved grandmothers would carry on conversation, laugh with family, enjoy a little wine and never break a sweat. Kate was hooked. And hungry.

Kate received her Baking and Pastry Certificate at Kendall College, Chicago. After several years of work in the food and non-profit sectors, Kate decided in 2009 to listen to her heart. Named for Kate’s favorite ingredient and a nod to the meandering streets of her hometown, Riverside, Illinois, Chocolate Twist was born.

Chocolate Twist has a dedicated following. Twistheads, as they’re known, know their confections and don’t settle for pretentious or overbearing candy. They love their caramels especially and don’t hesitate to proclaim their unwavering affection. One Twisthead put it best when she shamelessly said “they are the best thing I’ve ever put in my mouth.” ‘Nuff said.

Kate’s culinary philosophy is simple. Make tasty food. Make it approachable. Make it fun. And at the end of the day – after they’ve made tasty, approachable and fun food–do something good with it. They are proud to partner with their favorite charities to foster inclusiveness, diversity and outreach.

Old St. Pat’s Church
Riverside Arts Center
Riverside Township Food Pantry
Riverside United Methodist Church

Queen Kate lives in historic and bucolic Riverside, Illinois with her two children Princess Twister, Prince Twisted and their faithful dog Sadie. Their Twisted Palace, affectionately named Lilliputian Manor, is filled with love, cheeky repartee and the occasional chocolate over indulgence.”

Speaking of over indulge… Chocolate Twist will make you go there!

Support these kick-ass entrepreneur’s today and test out some of their amazing products. Now that we’ve introduced you to 3 Kick-Ass women, comment below and introduce us to some. Tell us about a woman that has her own unique business!

Check back for more spotlights this month, we know some awesome chicks and we’re eager to share.

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