Some insight into Bryan LaHair and his start with the Cubs

No one is surprised at the numbers Bryan LaHair has produced during April.  The test is whether he can maintain a similar level of consistency as the 2012 season unfolds.

LaHair logged a terrific April for the Cubs, closing with the month with a .390 average, five home runs and 14 RBIs.  He drew 10 walks and fanned 25 times, which is tied for fifth-most in the National League.

Has the league adjusted to him?

LaHair told me pitchers went right after him during the first two weeks of the season.  After some success, he said pitchers started throwing everything in their repertoire to get him out.

He attributes the high strikeout totals to the fact he’s started looking for certain pitches, something he has never done in the past.

Much is made that LaHair is essentially a 29-year-old rookie.  But his age might be an advantage.

Plenty of rookies that come up and fail think it’s not a big deal.  “I’ll get more chances.”

LaHair looks at this as his only chance to be a full-time player at this level.  That type of urgency has fueled a hot start.  Can it propel him through 2012 and beyond.

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