Can the Blackhawks solve their needs at the trade deadline

There was an item from TSN’s Bob McKenzie (he’s always required reading) about the Toronto Maple Leafs that got me thinking.

McKenzie wrote that “there is a very real chance” Leafs GM Brian Burke doesn’t make an impact move before the February 27 trade deadline.

That’s big because Burke is a guy who likes to wheel and deal for big names.

Whether it’s the Leafs, the Blackhawks (who are in need of an infusion) or any playoff-minded team, odds are you aren’t going to solve your roster needs before the deadline.

The trade market in the NHL is frozen.  And it hasn’t thawed any since the All-Star Break.

There aren’t enough sellers.  Too many teams consider themselves in playoff contention because of the parity in the league, a matter made worse when the NHL moved the trade deadline up a few years ago.

Plus, everyone is looking for the same things, top-6 forwards (typically a center) and defensemen.

Even though the Blackhawks have put themselves in a great position to add — lots of cap space; draft picks and prospects — there might not be enough in the trade market to make an impact.

GMs that are willing to overpay might get something substantial done.  But the short-term payoff has to be immediate.


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  • Is a trade really the secret ingredient though? There seems to be more issues in how the pieces are used than who occupies the spots (or how often those pieces are shuffled around).

    We get to see Sami Lepisto tonight. His absence has been the focus of much confusion for myself, and I also like what we have seen of Olsen so far. What about Olesz? Why haven't any of these guys gotten good looks with the Hawks feeling their recent woes. Instead, we see Scott (who has improved greatly) on the road which we all know shortens the bench for the second half of the game.
    Although much of their issues have been present all season, hidden in an explosive offense. Lack of cohesion, and of a system has finally come to the surface, and at the worst of times.

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