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Get Your Garden On: Cool weather plants are in the ground

Pretend company.
After composting for the past year, I couldn’t wait to get the garden going. So as storms rolled in overhead I got the first of the cold weather plants in the ground today — radishes, onions, etc. The old adage is to wait until Mothers’ Day — mine is that I’ve been going insane trapped... Read more »

You're A Farmer -- But Can You COOK?: A Recipe for Pumpkin Seeds

You're A Farmer -- But Can You COOK?: A Recipe for Pumpkin Seeds
The fruits (mostly vegetables) of this season’s harvest are starting to remind me of an old Mitch Hedberg joke (what doesn’t?): As a comedian, I always get into situations where I’m auditioning for movies and sitcoms. They want you to do other things besides comedy. They say “Alright, can you write? Write us a script.... Read more »

Two Strange Days

Check the time stamp in the photos below – this all happened in two days. So… What have you done the past two days? Because this little guy just blew through puberty. (Having started so early, this particular pumpkin may not be destined for jack-o-lantern status. But the chef says they’re super full of potassium... Read more »

Seeds: What You Can Grow

Last year the first garden I’ve grown on my own was started after it was decided I’d be hanging out in the yard with the cats anyway. Having ended chemo in March, I grabbed a hacky sack and ran outside to work my way back into shape (I gained, lost, and gained again nearly 30... Read more »

"Dude, You're Lance Armstrong," or How to Correctly Define A Survivor

I am in the MRI tube again. “Wonder if anybody has ever tagged one of these. ‘For a good doctor, call…’.” I’ve been through this before: lying still for longer than I’m used to, scanned by every scanner (the ultrasound revealed I wasn’t pregnant), sending teams of trained professionals back to the board to devise... Read more »