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Get Your Garden On: Cool weather plants are in the ground

Pretend company.
After composting for the past year, I couldn’t wait to get the garden going. So as storms rolled in overhead I got the first of the cold weather plants in the ground today — radishes, onions, etc. The old adage is to wait until Mothers’ Day — mine is that I’ve been going insane trapped... Read more »

Voting Third Party: Don't Count it Out

Voting Third Party: Don't Count it Out
I think it’s pretty obvious what my politics are — I tend to wear my thoughts and feelings on my sleeve (or rather, scream them in the streets and all over the internet before I think to check myself) — so I might as well say a word about it all. Every time a person... Read more »

You're A Farmer -- But Can You COOK?: A Recipe for Pumpkin Seeds

You're A Farmer -- But Can You COOK?: A Recipe for Pumpkin Seeds
The fruits (mostly vegetables) of this season’s harvest are starting to remind me of an old Mitch Hedberg joke (what doesn’t?): As a comedian, I always get into situations where I’m auditioning for movies and sitcoms. They want you to do other things besides comedy. They say “Alright, can you write? Write us a script.... Read more »

Oil Rush

Concerning the giant oil spill gushing out into the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, I heard Rush Limbaugh say: “It’s natural! The ocean will take care of itself — it’s all natural as can be!” But.. There are always problems when you argue using generalized blanket statements. If you took a penguin and dropped... Read more »

Easy Being Green

Completely Stereotyped Stoner Guy #1: “Dude… .” Completely Stereotyped Stoner Guy #2: :::through a mouthful of Funyuns::: “Buh..?” CSSG #1: “It’s the 39th annual Earth Day.” CSSG #2: “Zhuh?” CSSG #1: “Look man, you wrote it on the wall here last year.” CSSG #2: “Should we turn off the lights… or.. stuff?” CSSG #1: “Dude,... Read more »