Get Laid Tonight! The Top 10 Hottest Sex Songs

Get Laid Tonight!  The Top 10 Hottest Sex Songs

Just as movies have soundtracks, blogs should too at least according to J.O.Y. Love. Since this blog is about Love, Sex and Dating it is my solemn duty to provide you with the best (and the worst) love, sex and dating songs. This article covers the top 10 hottest sex songs. Even if you are unfortunate looking, awkward and you don’t have any game these songs could probably still get you laid. Put some of your favorite songs from this list on a mix, give your date your best “come hither” look and let the good times roll!  But before I unveil the hotness I must urge you to please use this list responsibly. Safety and respect for your partner always come first. And without further ado here are J.O.Y. Love’s list of the  Top 10 hottest sex songs.

10. Uhh Ahh- Boyz II Men

A sex mix wouldn’t be a sex mix without Boys II Men. This song makes the list for its use of sexual noises instead of words as the chorus. As with all Boys II Men tracks this one is sensual but also tasteful. They don’t beat you over the head with their sexuality but they still get you in the mood. And bass singer Michael McCary could mumble the alphabet and it would be sexy. Here the lyrics on his verse leave a lot to be desired but his voice makes up for it. Boyz II Men, keep making the ladies ooohh and ahh!

9. 12 play-R.Kelly

What would a sexy song list be without R. Kelly. My list would be a total fraud without him. Mr. Kelly is the only artist who made it on both the list of worst love, sex and dating songs and the list of the hottest sex songs. Apparently, it’s hard to know whether to love or hate him. This song is perfect if you are a newbie at getting between the sheets; it provides step by step instructions. For example, “One/we’ll go to my room of fun/two/then I’ll say give me your tongue/three/’cause tonight I’m gonna/fulfill your fantasy…” And the song goes on from there. So if ever you find yourself alone with someone special and you’re at a loss for how to proceed put on R. Kelly’s “12 Play” and he’ll hold your hand all the way through. This song makes the list mainly for being clever. It’s very creative how he used the word “foreplay” to create “12 Play,” R.Kelly, well played!

8. If-Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson, the sexiest member of the infamous Jackson family is the only female artist to make it on the list of  the top 10 hottest sex songs. It should be no surprise as to how Janet earned her spot at #8. She could just sit there and breath on the mic and it’d be sexy. Ms. Jackson radiates sex appeal without even trying.  This song has all of the ingredients for pure hotness; thumping bass, intense guitar riffs, sensual vocals and descriptive lyrics. Janet croons, “How many nights I’ve laid in bed excited over you/I’ve closed my eyes and thought of us one hundred different ways/ I’ve gotten there so many times/ I wonder how ‘bout you?” Gentlemen, if  Janet’s breathy confession doesn’t get you hot and bothered I don’t know what will. In fact Janet is so hot she probably gets the ladies excited as well. This song effortlessly builds an erotic tension that would be perfect to release on that special someone one. Janet, if I did not include you on this list it would have been a crime.

7. Du riechst so gut (You Smell So Good)- Rammstein

This song probably wouldn’t make most people’s list of hottest songs because of its dancey electronic instrumentals but it squeezed itself in at #7 on the J.O.Y. Love list for multiple reasons. It’s sung in German which gives it a few automatic cool points and even more “hot” points!  The lyrics tell a story of primitive, unrestrained desire. What could possibly be sexier than a story about a hot, animalistic pursuit. The super  intense lyrics translate in English to, “I don’t see you/I only smell you/I sense you…/you smell so good/I follow you/you smell so good/I find you/so good/I’m after you/you smell so good/I will have you soon.” This song would be perfect for a night of teasing and pleasing. Next time you want to let loose and be that wild uninhibited mammal that only comes out every once in awhile, put on this track and do what you do best. Rammstein, mmmm…so gut, as always!

6. Dolphin’s Cry-Live

This song is so beautiful. I was torn between including in an upcoming article that covers the best love songs and this article about the hottest sex songs. This song is “hot” in a passionately sweet way. Ed Kowalczyk’s vocals are like a soft and sensual lullaby. And the lyrics are pure poetry that make you want to make passionate love. Take the first couple of lines for example: “The way you’re bathed in light/ reminds me of that night/ God laid me down/into your rose garden of trust/and I was swept way/ with nothing left to say….” Mr. Kowalczyk, you think you have nothing left to say. The awesomeness of this song has left ladies all across the globe speechless. The lyrics continue “so when the time is right come to me sweetly/come to me” Hunny, you don’t have to ask twice! And the end of the second verse “this crazy fog surrounds me/ you wrap your legs around/all I can do to try to breath/please let me breath/so we can go together.” *sigh* I don’t think I need to go on. This song explains itself and it definitely earned it’s spot at #6 on the J.O.Y. Love list of hottest sex songs. Live, this song makes me cry tears of ecstasy.

5. Anytime and Anyplace-Janet Jackson

Kudos to Ms. Janet Jackson for making the list twice! “Anytime and Anyplace” is a classic that is probably already on your list if you were born in the 80s or 90s. There is no way that J.O.Y. Love would forget this one. Janet immediately sets the mood by painting a beautiful picture of intimacy in the first verse, “In the thunder and rain/ you stare into my eyes/I can feel your hand/movin’ up my thighs/skirt around my waist/ wall against my face/I can feel your lips…”  She later teases listeners with her signature, sexy Janet Jackson whisper as she passively suggests “I was thinking we could, well you know…” Similar to #6 Dolphin’s Cry, this song captures a sweet and sensual hotness.  “Anytime and Anyplace” is not only perfect for delicate lovemaking but the chorus spices things up a bit with some naughty exhibitionism, “ I don’t wanna stop just because/ people walkin’ by/ watchin’ us/ I don’t give a damn what they think/ I want you know/ I don’t want to stop/ just because/ you feel so go good inside of my love/ I’m not gonna stop/ no, no, no,/ I want you now/ All I want to say is/ anytime and anyplace/ I don’t care who’s around” Janet Jackson succeeds in capturing a very popular adult fantasy within a soft and sexy five minute song. Janet, I’m certain you can get anyone turned on, anytime and anyplace.

4.Buck dich (Bend Over)- Rammstein

Congrats to Rammstein for being one of only two artists to make the list twice. Rammstein is the personification of sex appeal and all of their music is an aural orgasm but this song is one of the hottest. The driving guitar riffs on this track scream “F— me….harder!” (Thank you Richard Kruspe.) And Till Lindemann’s deep, powerful vocals are sexy enough to get even the most frigid person hot and ready. The lyrics in this song tells a story of sadomasochism and sexual dominance. In German Till chants…almost growls, “bend over/ I command you/turn your visage away from/I don’t care about your face/bend over…/your face doesn’t interest me/ bend over” This song is perfect for rough, angry, kinky adult fun. Rammstein, I’m certain you won’t have any trouble getting people to bend over for you. This song is hot!

3. Do What It Do-Jamie Foxx

I’m not exactly certain what the phrase “do what it do” means but this song is pure hotness. “Do What It Do” has the nice smooth R&B groove that Keith Sweat attempted  on “Nobody”(#7 on the J.O.Y.’s list of worst love, sex and dating songs). Jamie Foxx completely nails this one. He’s not begging and pleading like Jodeci  (see aforementioned list of worst songs). Mr. Foxx is confident and direct; he doesn’t beat around the bush. “What you wanna do?” he asks. “You wanna get sexed, you wanna get tied up?” Yes, please! He continues in a deep masculine, almost whisper, Get yo’ rodeo ride up/baby girl/lift them thighs up/ I think you betta wise up/’cause I’m about to rise up.” Unlike R. Kelly (see #5 on the worst list), Jamie Fox knows how to talk about sex like an adult. This song is the perfect soundtrack for a sensual grown-up evening. Jamie, Foxx, please keep doing what you do to make it “do what it do!”

2. Anywhere-112

Whoa! This song is so hot it almost makes me uncomfortable. The beat to this song even sounds sexual. I bet if you bumped it loud enough it would make the bed vibrate. And the men of 112…*swoon*… each one of them has a voice that will make your panties drop instantly! And then there are the lyrics, “We can make love/in the bedroom/floating on top of my waterbed/I’m kissing you/running my fingers though your hair/in the hallway/makin’ love beside the stairs/we can do it anywhere/I can love you in the shower/both of our bodies drippin’ wet/on the patio/ we can make a night you won’t forget/ on the kitchen floor/ as I softly pull your hair/we can do it anywhere.” That imagery  can’t be beat! And the adlibbing and crooning in this song is done sensually and tastefully unlike Jodeci’s begging and whining that made # 3 on the list of worst love, sex and dating songs.  “Anywhere” can take the evening from a 1 to a 10 over the course of its four minute duration. 112, hats (and panties)off to you!

1. Closer-Nine Inch Nails

I don’t know what it is about Closer but within the first chord it automatically makes you want to get wild and dirty. Maybe it’s the fact that this song is probably the most played song of all time in every gentlemen’s club in the midwest. Fellas, don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about because I know you do. This track couldn’t possibly be any hotter. Somehow even the instrumentals sound erotic. The bass line is like a heart beat palpitating in the heat of passion and the electronic effects convey a tension that can only be likened to the intensity of sexual desire. (Trent Reznor, you’re a genius.)  And if that weren’t sexy enough the dark and complex lyrics turn up the temperature even more: “You let me violate you/you let me desecrate you/you let me penetrate you/you let me complicate you.”  This poetry expertly captures the dark and erotic vibe that Puddle of Mudd tried but failed to convey in “Control” which made #6 on my list of worst love sex and dating songs. “Closer,”just like Rammstein’s “Du Reischt so Gut,” knocks the ball out of the park on awakening our primitive animalistic desires with this line, “I want to f— you like an animal/I want to feel you from the inside/my whole existence is flawed/you get me closer to God.” If you’re up for a wild night of deep, dark erotic intensity this song is a must have on your list of hottest sex songs. Nine Inch Nails, not many songs can come close to the hotness of “Closer.”

What songs make your list of hottest sex songs?

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  • Thanks, love! People love to hate stuff so that means I'm destined for success.

  • None of these is going to get anyone laid. Maybe a gunshot wound.

    What happened to good old stuff like CSN&Y Lady of the Island: "The browness of your body in the fireglow
    Except the places where the sun refused to go.
    Our bodies were a perfect fit,
    in afterglow we lay,
    My lady of the island."

  • What do you think about Marvin Gaye & Teddy Pendergrass? And give a try to Jodeci's first CD, its good stuff. I like # 10 & yes # 5 is hot.

  • In reply to Charles W. Johnson:

    Those were Soul.

    Let's Get It On.

  • In reply to Charles W. Johnson:

    Marvin Gaye is good! I don't really know any Teddy Pendergrass. Jodeci is hit or miss I perfer 112 when it comes to groups and Silk is great too.

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