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Five Best Exercises You Should Be Doing

Embed from Getty Images Happy New Year!  I’m sure you are back in the gym working on your 2016 health and fitness goals, so I wanted to post a quick list of exercises you may have forgotten about while you were on “break”.    As always I recommend working with a Personal Trainer, but if... Read more »

5 Things Your Personal Trainer Isn't Doing Right

View image |   I’ve been a personal trainer for over a decade.  I can tell you for certain, not all Personal Trainers are the same.  There are many professional certifications and 2 day seminars that allow people to call themselves a professional “Trainer” .   So how do you know if you have a... Read more »

Tips to Beat the Afternoon Crash

We all know the feeling of the mid-afternoon energy slump.  A sleepy, low-energy period in the afternoon is natural and most of us experience it.  You might reach for a sugary, caffeinated drink or a processed snack from the vending machine, but beware: These foods and drinks may give you an energy boost, but it... Read more »

The Importance of Workout Recovery

The Importance of Workout Recovery
Your body and your mind both need time to recover from workouts. If you spend too many hours at the gym you can actually slow your progress toward both weight loss and muscle building goals. Resting and letting your body recover is crucial to conditioning and building strength. It is only during times of recovery... Read more »

Can You Be Your Own Personal Trainer?

Can You Be Your Own Personal Trainer?
No matter how much you know about training, exercise, muscle groups, and all the latest research for working out effectively, acting as your own personal trainer is destined to be a fail.  Even the best trainers struggle to work on themselves!  Sure, there may be a rare exception, but human nature being what it is,... Read more »