Can You Be Your Own Personal Trainer?

Can You Be Your Own Personal Trainer?
Josha Krueger @ Kru Strength + Fitness

No matter how much you know about training, exercise, muscle groups, and all the latest research for working out effectively, acting as your own personal trainer is destined to be a fail.  Even the best trainers struggle to work on themselves!  Sure, there may be a rare exception, but human nature being what it is, we just don’t have the objective discipline to train ourselves consistently – when no one is looking we cheat, or do what we like, and not the difficult exercises that will challenge our muscles.

When you’re ready to admit you need help, seek out a good trainer to work with you and get your workout regimen back on track.

Good and effective trainers push their clients. Training that challenges you and makes you do things you didn’t think were possible is the kind of training that changes your body and helps you get fit. Are you capable of pushing yourself like that? Our instincts drive us to seek out comfort, not distress.  Forcing yourself to stick out a tough routine all the way to the end or try something more physically challenging can be difficult, but it is much easier to do what needs to be done when someone else is encouraging you.  Without that person next to you, pushing at you to go further, you will take shortcuts.

To ensure you’re making progress, that you complete the workout, or that you get to the gym, AND that you push yourself when you are there – past what you can safely do on your own — get a personal trainer.  A professional trainer not only has the know-how to work you out, they provide the motivation you need to get it done. A trainer can also vary your routine for you.  Working out gets boring and becomes ineffective when you do the same thing over and over again.  If you try to work as your own trainer, you are likely to get stuck in a pattern of doing the same comfortable routine. Working with a trainer on a program will keep it fresh and interesting while delivering better results and keep you coming back for more.  After all – nothing will work, if it isn’t sustainable.

But if you think you can’t afford a trainer, you may be wrong.  You don’t need a full-time trainer devoted to you day in and day out.  Set up a session for once a week and see what a difference it makes in your workout routine. Or go with semi-personal training, like small-group sessions, or group fitness classes that you can attend on a weekly basis.

The bottom line is that training yourself is a worthy goal, but one that is probably unrealistic.  Seek the help of a professional personal trainer to kick your workout into high gear and maximize results.

Josha Krueger is a NSCA-CSCS certified personal trainer, an AFPA Sports Nutrition Consultant, and owner of Kru Strength + Fitness.

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