The Golden Rule of Job Search Burnout

The Golden Rule of Job Search Burnout

I know, I know, you didn’t see my weekly guest post last week….but I have a good excuse. Actually, several.

First, I had three – count them, three, phone interviews in the past few weeks. Fortunately, they came just before a really nasty cold last Tuesday, providing me with a great opportunity to get some rest and relaxation, because I think I was coming extremely close to getting burned out on the job search.

It wasn’t major, nothing too¬†hazardous – in fact, some of my freelance work has helped me avoid turning my job search into an addiction. In addition, you know the old adage that “looking for a job is a full-time job“? Well, since I’m juggling job seeking, caretaking for a sick parent (and let this be a plug for Ask Dr. Chill), trying to find the time to dedicate 6 – 8 hours solely to job seeking and networking is not always possible.

There’s plenty of articles about job search burnout (like both of these), but I apply one simple rule: do unto myself as I would do unto others.

It means treating myself with respect, and to give myself enough rest and recuperation time. It means rewarding myself with a fun activity for every job-search success. It also means not diving headfirst into the every-single-minute-of-my-day-is-scheduled mentality that drives many other job seekers. It also means unsubscribing to the finger-wagging you’re-doing-it-wrong-and-pay-us-for-doing-it-right career coach e-mail newsletters.

In short, it means following the golden rule of treating myself the way I would treat others. And when I do that, I find things are relaxing. As I type this, have just finished some follow-up notes for several interviews….and now, I can relax.

That’s this week’s guest post – if you would like to comment, please do so below, or send me a note via Linked In or my web site. As always, thanks for reading!




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