Putting Myself Out There

Putting Myself Out There

Right now, I’m in a semi-regular position with the job search – I’m coasting on some freelance work (lost out on a potential fun job, but continuing to seek more clients); questioning whether I truly am “unemployed” based on a friend’s comment (my answer – I’m probably more underemployed than employed); and resenting those who spend more time promoting their ‘awesomeness’ via social media than being awesome.

OK, I’m kidding about that last part, but this week, since I’m in the middle of actual job search activities (including reading a book for this very blog), I thought I would do something a little bit self-promotional. I have a few events of interest – some directly job-related, some more fun – but it’s a way for to network (via creating my own events) without necessarily relying on external, paid events.

So for your review, I submit the following – please feel free to RSVP for any of the following events. At the very least, you will get to connect with one author of this blog, face to face….and possibly, connect with other like-minded individuals. (And you’re more than welcome to forward this note on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In, Google Plus, or any other social network).

  • This Thursday, I’m putting on a free session on Professional Networking for Introverts at Filter Coffee in Wicker Park. It’s part of Communiteach, which is where people put on free educational sessions for others. If you are interested, please RSVP here by Thursday.
  • One of my pro bono consulting clients, the Chicago Astronomical Society, is holding their monthly meeting this Friday, August 10th, at Adler Planetarium. For more information, please check them out on Facebook and Twitter.
  • If you’re interested in tech, non-profits, or any community-minded endeavor, I humbly invite you to the August 14th meeting of Chicago Net Tuesday. We’re going to help the Community Male Empowerment Project, and would love for you to come. For more information, please RSVP via Meetup.com.
  • Thursday, August 16th, brings the latest Chicago Geek Breakfast, an event that I run where people who identify themselves as geeks (programmers, marketing geeks, etc) get together and….well, talk about stuff. It’s an informal gathering at Wow Bao at 225 N. Michigan. If you’re interested, please RSVP via http://chicagogeekbreakfast.eventbrite.com.
  • In addition, on August 16th the Doctor Who Meetup group is having a social event at Panera, located at Michigan and Madison. (It’s right at the corner, across from the Bank of America). If you’re interested, please RSVP and join us on Facebook! Speaking of Who….
  • I’m holding a “Doctor Who 101” course via Dabble on August 27th. For more information – and to RSVP – please visit this site. (I’m also waiting for approval on my “Sherlock Holmes & Social Media” session)

Admittedly, a short entry for this week – if you want to reach out, you’re more than welcome to connect with me via Linked In (just mention Job Stalker), and send a note via http://www.gordondymowski.com.
As always, thanks for reading!

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