Good Prep Work For Job Stalking

Good Prep Work For Job Stalking

NOTE: a complimentary copy was provided for purposes of review. My opinions are my own

This book review is provided as a way to educate my fellow job seekers…as well as encourage employers to reconsider some of their practices.

In terms of career development, Leigh Branham’s The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave is critical reading, focusing on how employers can work towards retaining current employees, but also providing some insights towards strategy for job seekers.

Based on results from post-exit surveys of over 20,000 individuals, Branham’s book takes a really sharp, pragmatic approach – it not only summarizes results, but also suggests some potential strategies for employers. It also serves as a great prep guide for potential employers – although it does provide some initial guidance for job seekers, the lack of follow-through does seem a bit short-sighted on Branham’s part. (In all fairness, that may not be the target audience for this book).

But for job seekers, there is a treasure trove of information – not just in terms of “how to keep a job”, but in looking for subtle signs of possible problem issues. If you’re about to interview for a position, prepping some questions based on the information in this book would not be a bad idea. (Branham does have some suggestions for employees in early chapters, but the focus is primarily on employers). All in all, for anyone entering into the business realm – or just looking to make sure they’ll stay with an employer for a lengthy period of time – The 7 Hidden Reasons Employees Leave is a must-read.

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