The More Things Change …

Wow … this is the 301st post that has gone up on The Job Stalker since I took over writing it in November 2009. Of course, over the past year, a lot of those have been coming from Gordon Dymowski, but it’s still quite a milestone. If this wasn’t the blog about being unemployed, and my still being unemployed this far down the road, it would be a thing to celebrate, but I figured I’d at least make note of it.

I realize that I’ve missed several “regular slots” over the past couple of weeks, but I’ve been tied up in a project. Once again, I’m “helping to develop” something that will hopefully produce some income at some point, but I keep wondering when something will come my way that will actually PAY me! Not that I’ve not been cranking out resumes for “regular jobs”, but it seems that the only thing that I end up getting are “opportunities” to work for free.

Anyway, here’s another week’s worth of job-search articles I’ve culled from the web (primarily Twitter, but there have been a couple of newsletters I’ve been getting that have also provided some quite good material), hope you’ll find them useful!

10 Tips for a Powerful Elevator Speech

Land a Job with 8 Social Media Strategies

Job Interview Questions You Should Ask


Things to Leave Off a Resume

10 College Majors With The Highest Unemployment Rates [Infographic]

One of the Best Places to Search for a New Job

Beware The ‘Tell Me About Yourself’ Job Interview Question!

Your Social Profile Does It Help Or Hinder Your Chances Of Getting A Job

5 attitudes that lead to job search failure

Optimizing Your Resume With Keywords

6 Reasons You Should Say ‘Yes’ to Any Job Interview

As always, these have been added to the ever-growing list of job-search links, a .pdf e-book copy of which can be downloaded here: TJS-LinkList-120601.pdf

Oh, and also … A couple of weeks ago both Gordon and I plugged a networking event at the Spertus Institute, and I attended this last week. I got to meet a whole new group of contacts, several of whom I’ve hooked up with on LinkedIn … and I’m hoping that there will be some positive results coming out of those connections. One thing that did come up was info on another event … this one is called “The Business Event” (, and has multiple tracks, one for small businesses, one for job seekers, and one for “business networking”. It appears to be a mix between a networking event (with about 5,000 people expected) and something of a “job fair” with 30 featured employers. It’s on Thursday, June 14th, at Lincolnwood Town Center (which you can get to via public transpotation), from 1pm to 7pm. I’m planning on attending this, and it’s likely something that would put you in touch with a different mix of people that you’re used to seeing, so I’d recommend it to you as well.

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