Time: That Most Precious Commodity

Time: That Most Precious Commodity

It’s hard to believe that it’s not even been quite a year since I wrote about time management….and ironically, my schedule has exploded.

Two – count ’em, two – freelance projects that are coming into full bloom.  Changes in personal activities which require some shifting around of time and resources. Putting together some materials so that I may receive some training and possibly….dare I say it….find and maintain steady work?

Of course, the more cynical of you are asking, Gee, Gordon, if you’re so busy, why are you posting to this blog?

The short answer is that, well, we all have a funny relationship with time.

Like many people I complain that there aren’t enough hours in the day to get things done. In fact, it’s safe to say that I probably spend more time procrastinating than I should.  Of course, that leads into the experts’ regular lecture about how I need to spend 40 hours a week in the job hunt, not necessarily including networking, researching companies, and all other sorts of activities. In short, it’s the whole “looking-for-a-job-is-a-full-time-job.” Then, there are those who argue that if I’m going to be working, why not dive into entrepreneurship and work for myself?

So in an effort to bring some sanity and tranquility to all of our lives, I’m going to make the following deals with my friends and loved ones. (For the rest of you, this should bring some cheap laughs).

I will promise to dedicate more time to working on developing my career….if you promise to understand that yes, I do have to dedicate time, and the less time I spend hearing you lecture me, the more I can on getting things done.

I am more than willing to network…but will choose to network at associations, events, etc., where I might meet someone who can hire me, and that I may avoid both speednetworking and more “schmoozing” events. If I’m to dedicate myself to finding work, I need to be picky on that part.

Potential employers – I’m willing to be patient and wait for a response, but please don’t take it as being rude if I follow up. And if I’m not the candidate for you, please tell me sooner rather than later. That way, I can get back to doing what I need to do to move forward.

I’m also more than willing (and have started) to seriously track my time – not only is it practical for my burgeoning freelance work, but that way, I can stay accountable for my time. And if I have free time, I will take it, because job seeking might be close to a full time job, but like any job, I need serious time.

I promise that I will manage my time wisely….if you promise to be really cool when I have to bow out. (Seriously – a colleague publicly berated me via social media because I left a conference early to visit my mom, who was ill.  I am no longer connected to that person via social media.)

As a side note, I promise to spend less time on social media, and will even use engagement tools like HootSuite to use my time more effectively. This way, I can dedicate much more of my time to job seeking/freelance projects/networking, and less time complaining about my lack of success. (But of course, I have been pretty lucky, so I can’t really complain, now, can I?)

But ultimately, I promise to treat time like the valuable commodity it is – when seeking work, I will use time to its greatest advantage, being driven to locate opportunities that take me one step closer to that “ideal” job. I hope you, dear reader (and friends) can understand.

Brief note: Spertus is holding a networking event on Thursday, May 31st. Here are details about the event, and if you want to RSVP, just send a note to networkrsvp@spertus.edu. Thanks for allowing me to digress.

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