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A few weeks ago, I did a post about a bunch of books that author Scott Ginsberg was releasing in .pdf format for free. As most of these were available for order on Amazon, for various amounts, it was quite the deal. Well, it appears that Scott did that release as a lead up to his newest batch of books, which he’s making available free from the get-go.

Now, unlike his previous books, these appear to only be available in digital format (hmmm, isn’t that what Seth Godin was promising to do?), and he has Kindle versions over on the Amazon site for just 99¢ each, so if you want the “fancy” version, that’s an option. However, Scott has made his new set of 8 books available for free download in .pdf versions via his blog. He describes what he’s doing thusly:

… I’m starting a global movement. And I need your help …

Help me prove that thinkers don’t need permission to do so.
Help me show which of the mainstream hoops aren’t worth jumping through.
Help me lead the charge to risk our faces and step across the lines of artistic safety.
Help me reject the invisible jury who no longer needs to stamp our creative passport.
Help me make a global statement about the state of the mainstream publishing industry.
Help me end the shipping of easy, predictable safe work that appeases our corporate masters.

Frankly, these books are not “standard” books, but what he calls “Digital Devotionals”, with each page encompassing one numbered paragraph of text containing a single point … which, one would assume, that he intends that his readers will “roll around in their brains” (ala some more traditional “devotional” material) before moving on to the next.

One thing to point out here, however, is that three of the eight new books are very on-target for the job search (or “new career” development) … Book 3 – Hire Yourself, Book 6 – You’re Not There to Answer Their Questions, and Book 8 – Playing For Keeps … all address aspects of finding work, be that a job, a self-generated career, or even succeeding in the arts. These range from a bit under a hundred pages to nearly four hundred pages, and (although I’ve not had a chance to get into these as yet) one would think at a paragraph-per-page they’d be reasonably fast reads (as long as you’re not doing a “daily devotional” pace through them).

Ginsberg’s style of “out of the box” thinking might just be the thing you need to burst through to a new level in your job search, so I’m recommending that you grab these while the grabbing’s good (although he did say that he had no intent of not having these available for free download, so I guess the grabbing will be good on-going!) and take a look through them.

By the way, sorry for now missing two weeks with the otherwise-regular “link dump”, but my schedule’s been insane and my Twitter reading spotty, and while I do have a week’s worth ready to go, I’ve not been able to “pull the trigger” on getting that prepped for the blog … I really hope to have that back up by Friday!

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