When is a book post not a book post?

There is a subtle pun in operation in the title, but you’ll have to go check my review site later to get it. But, how can I be doing a “book feature” here without having a review of a book to feature? Well, it’s because today I’m pointing you to a whole bunch of books that you can pick up (electronically) for that ever-popular price point of FREE!

Scott Ginsberg, aka Name Tag Scott (@nametagscott), is a author, speaker, marketing guru, and “The Authority on Approachability” … with a “branding element” of constantly wearing a name tag, which he’s been doing all day, every day, since November 2, 2000 – well over a decade – and to make sure he’s never not wearing one, he’s even had it tattooed onto his chest! Obviously, Ginsberg is no stranger to extreme actions, and he recently came up with another … for the moment (it’s been a few weeks, but he’s not set an “end date”), he’s making ALL his books available for free on his site http://www.stealscottsbooks.com.

To date it appears that Scott’s written 13 books … about half of which are fairly tightly focused on sales. The rest are variously “personal branding”, “self improvement”, and “marketing philosophy” (to generalize from what I’ve read of them, while I have downloaded the lot of them, I’ve not gotten around to actually reading any except for some of the “white papers” he’s put out from time to time). This might not be in your area of interest, specifically, but what he has to say about “approachability” is something that should be useful for anybody, especially those of us in the job search.

Again, I don’t know how long he’s going to keep these up there for free (on his main site he has links to Amazon where the “dead tree” versions of these are going for like $20 each), but they’re there now if you want them. One note on format: these are all .pdf files, so they’re compatible with most everything, but aren’t set up for “fancy” reading if you’re used to Kindle, Nook, etc. e-books. In fact, several of these have pretty much just been saved off to .pdf files from publishers’ “galleys”, and not re-set for e-reading at all (I mean, you can certainly read them, it’s just that you’ll be seeing crop marks and such in the process) … but, hey, “whaddya want for nuthin?”

Anyway, I figured I’d point you all to these (and my apologies if I may have mentioned this previously, I took a look back and didn’t see a recent plug, but it could have slipped by me had I just popped that up in passing) … do check them out at http://www.stealscottsbooks.com.

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