Turning Rebellion Into Money (Updated 0416)

Turning Rebellion Into Money (Updated 0416)

Sometimes I wonder, in the midst of all this job seeking, networking, co-working, etc., if maybe – just maybe – my efforts are being focused in the wrong direction.

It’s something a lot of job seekers face – that feeling of utter frustration about doing the same thing, over and over, and expecting a different result. Wondering where our efforts should be placed, and always knowing that we may never get an exact answer.

Despite my own current frustration at not finding further work (I’m grateful for the two assignments I have, but know there’s room to move), I’ve seen incredible success in performing tasks around activities revolving around my personal interests, and on some level, I wonder if I should move towards pursuing those fields…or, at the very least, considering how to integrate those efforts into my current job search.

In my personal life, I blog about comics and popular culture, as well as write for a comic-related site (named, ironically, Comic Related). But I’ve also found myself writing not one, but two stories for a small studio out of Brazil – they’re publishing series based on public domain superheroes, and I’ve scripted two books. (Both will be available online, and paper copies will be available via IndyPlanet).

Will also be spending this weekend at C2E2 – part of it is, well, personal, but in the back of my mind I wonder….should I be considering marketing/social media consulting for small, indie comic companies? Provide insight into podcasting (although, in all honesty, my responsibility for Zone 4 involves mostly showing up and staying on topic. Coffee helps.)

I’ve also been fortunate enough to begin co-hosting a new online television show about Doctor Who entitled The Bar Tab of Rassilon, which mostly involves not just showing up, but playing showrunner – breaking down the segments, timing things out, finding other media to support, etc. (Even down to the point where I started a Facebook page for the show). Granted, I could delegate some of this to my co-host, but there’s that part of my head that says….why can’t I do this for a living?

It’s not a complaint, and realistically….the reason it’s a hobby is that if I were doing this stuff for a living, I would have different hobbies. One of my uncles is a doctor who golfs; the other is a CPA who is a competitive fisherman. Part of the reason why they have their hobbies is that….well, it’s a needed distraction from the realities of their work life.

What am I trying to say? That perhaps part of my job search needs to not just integrate what I have skills in, but to also find positions where I may have some potential for enjoyment, and which engage my interest. And if that should be in the comics/pop culture industry, so be it…

NOTE: Our 4/17 co-working event is being rescheduled – please watch this space for further details.

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