There Need Be ONLY ONE …

Yeah, going for a whole Highlander thing there with the pic and the title, but, seriously, a variation of this has become something of a mantra as my job search has dragged on … “It only takes one, it only takes One, it only takes ONE!” … I’m not looking for a lot of jobs, just ONE. Just one.

Of course, churning out dozens, hundreds (heck, at this point I’m sure I’ve gotten out over a thousand) of resumes in the past 3 years, and having no job to show for my endless, soul-crushing, life-draining efforts (including massive amounts of research, going to 2-4 networking events a week, writing this blog, etc., etc., etc.), is pretty damn depressing. But …

It only takes ONE “yes” and I’ll be employed again.

A friend tweeted on Friday “It’s amazing what employment & a paycheck will do for your spirits.” and the opposite is certainly true … how low, how hopeless, how pointless, how much a FAILURE one feels in the long-term job search. Every day I have to look at my kids and realize what a massively sucky childhood they’re having compared to the way “it should have been”  had Daddy been gainfully employed as a PR executive all this time … it makes me sick with guilt … every single day.

Still … “It only takes one, it only takes One, it only takes ONE!” … and so I slog back into the Sisyphean grind, hoping that by sheer willed effort I can force the universe to cough up a job.

I suppose it should help, but the thought that I’m only one of millions of people whose lives have been irreparably screwed up by this economy, really doesn’t. But maybe my venting about it in here will help you feel less alone, less like it’s just you the world is trying to crush like a cockroach … I hope it helps.

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Of course, in the words of the great Ron Popeil “But wait, there’s more!”, it wouldn’t be a weekly link dump without the new links ending up merged into the ever-growing The Job Stalker e-book of job search links, now at a whopping 54 pages of informative webby goodness … which can be snagged by clicking here: TJS-LinkList-120420.pdf

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