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OK … really wish I had some “trending” stuff to bring you here this week, but I’m drawing pretty much a blank. I could talk about some random “networking” things, but none of these have been particularly useful/ interesting of late; I could talk about interviews and such, but nothing’s been evolving on the handful that I’ve not heard “no” on yet; I could talk about various projects that I’ve been involved in, but you probably don’t care, and as they’re so far all in the “take a lot of time, don’t pay any money” file, they’re hardly shining examples for anybody else!

Speaking of “time sinks”, this month I was doing a NaBloPoMo – the National Blog Posting Month challenge. This started as a blogging take-off of the better known NaNoWriMo – the National Novel Writing Month, an annual challenge for folks to write a novel within one month (November) each year. I’ve never seriously considered the latter, but this is my third or fourth NaBloPoMo. Now, I realize that the task of making a blog post every day for a month does not sound all that hard (and I’m sure there are some who pop in, spew out a sentence or two, and chalk up that as a day’s post), but making a substantial post (most of mine are in the 500-1000 word range) can get to be a real challenge!

Anyway … I did run across one thing this week that I thought I’d bring to your attention that I’d found in my never-ending obsessive research on Twitter … this is a site that builds a nicely formatted resume from the information you plug into its forms. I’m being a bit vague here as I haven’t actually tried this as yet, but the idea is that you put your info in, pick a template, and it generates a nice polished resume for you, that is both available via a specific URL and exportable as a .pdf file … and, from what I’ve seen, it’s free … if you want to check that out, it’s at: http://www.resumonk.com

Speaking of those hours and hours and hours I spend reading Twitter … here’s a dozen new job-search links that I thought were worthwhile passing along to you this week:

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These have, of course, been added to the Big List O’Links, and you can snag the updated version of that .PDF formatted “e-book” here: TJS-LinkList-120427.pdf

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