Getting That Dream Job

Getting That Dream Job

(Yes, I received a free copy of the book for purposes of review. Now that I’ve gotten that out of the way….)

One of the things that has been really frustrating in terms of job seeking has been the huge amount of content about how to find/get/keep a job. Most of the “conventional” wisdom tends to be people either repeating the same things over and over, or arguments about the most basic concepts (please see my past post about resume sanity). And after awhile, it’s easy to become jaded and cynical about the process, so that any book that writes from a you-can-do-this attitude might spark a slightly negative, oh-really attitude.

I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to read Pete Leibman’s I Got My Dream Job and So Can You – granted, its intended audience is more for the younger/beginning professional. (Meaning that I automatically scoffed at certain points in the book). However, that would be a great mistake – in all honesty, I Got My Dream Job actually contains some honest and unconventional job seeking advice that’s applicable for both the newbie as well as the “veteran” job stalker.

One of the great strengths of Dream Job is that it contains some good, practical advice as well as insights. For example, the book argues less in favor of aiming for one particular company as a “dream job” and more about a key field. There’s a strong emphasis on networking (and I loved Leibman’s statement about networking events – that they really aren’t, and that job seekers should focus on other opportunities to network). There’s also a fresh, real-world approach that might seem a bit over-the-top, but somehow manages to stay firmly grounded.

(I also liked the section Leibman has on “keeping a job” – what could have been a typical regurgitation of business cliches actually turns into a slightly more motivational approach. Granted, he is talking to a distinctly different audience (meaning, I’m not his target market), but there is a quality to Leibman’s writing that really makes the book seem much more grounded – and after reading this, I actually think I may start acting on last week’s post and “turn rebellion into money”.

Pete Leibman’s I Got My Dream Job and So Can You may not be everyone’s cup of tea when it comes to job seeking. However, as a quick, brief burst of motivation and a collection of some good, practical insights, this is well worth reading.

It’s also a great gift for the younger professional, because this is a book they can – and should – embrace.

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