To Temp Or Not To Temp.....

To Temp Or Not To Temp.....

This has been a relatively lively week – my current freelance work for a local business development agency has expanded, including some grant writing/research work and consultation on their Facebook pages. However, I did lose a major corporate assignment, which leads me to ponder one question in my job search….

To Temp or Not To Temp

Now, I’m not talking short-term freelance contract work (where I’m still receiving referrals through key recruiters).  I am talking good, old fashioned, sign up for various office assignments through an employment agency. Where every week, I call in, hoping for another plumb assignment.

There are drawbacks and benefits to temporary work….and right now, I’m in a space where I’m pondering what to do.

On the one hand, work is work – and temporary employment would provide some well-needed income. In addition, there’s always the additional opportunity to network….or at the very least, get some hands-on insight into working for different kinds of companies. Of course, once I accept an assignment, the additional income is always welcome, and quite honestly, it also provides with some level of comfort as I am submitting my resume, attending networking events, and doing all sorts of other tasks….

However, there’s a deep, critical voice that reminds me that temp work – by its very nature – is temporary, and will not last long. Some assignments can mean full time at an extremely reduced rate of pay. Past temp assignments have meant dealing with slightly negative attitudes towards temp workers from office mates, supervisors, and other related individuals. Contacting a temp agency once a week, in the midst of other job search activities, might only add frustration – rather than relief – to an already uncomfortable situation. In addition, it also means competing with others for seemingly small, mundane tasks….and work, even at minimal pay, often means a reduction in available time that could be spent seeking other work.

In short, although it is a life-or-death question…I am going to remain unsure for a bit. Thankfully, I have enough freelance work and have completed some other, personal, unpaid projects (such as a fun social event and formalizing sponsorship guidelines for a podcast I co-host) that I’m not too concerned if I never reach out to a temp agency. Yet, I still wonder whether pursuing temp work – along with everything else – is worth it?

So I’ll let you, the humble reader, make a suggestion – please feel free to provide guidance in the comments below. In addition, you’re more than welcome to connect with me via Linked In (just let me know you’re linked to me via Chicago Now or Job Stalker).

As always, thanks for reading!

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