Online Moments of Inspiration

Online Moments of Inspiration

Right now, I’m feeling a little mixed – fortunately, I was able to finish some long-standing freelance projects (which are billable!). However, I am feeling a little caught between diving head-on into a job search (resumes, interviews, etc), remaining in freelance work (with the same effort put towards networking, engaging others, etc), or simply starting my own business.

(I’ve blogged about all of this before in other entries – no need to repeat).

For this week’s post, I’m going to engage in two of my favorite activities – forwarding links of interest to you, the reader, and increasing Brendan’s workload as “Chief Job Stalker”. (I’m kidding about that second part). Thankfully, given that I’ve been catching up on various online items via Google Reader and Twitter, I thought I would go ahead and share some of the more interesting articles with you this time around. At the very least, these should provide some great food for thought and discussion.

To quote Jackie Gleason, and away-y-y-y we go….

  • Charlie Balmer wrote a very frank, revealing article for Lifehacker entitled Why I Won’t Hire You. It doesn’t cover the obvious goofs, like being late for an interview, but very much worth your time.
  • One of the job search blogs that I am enjoying is The Savvy Intern, and it’s precisely for articles like this one: 7 Phrases I Never Want to See On Your Cover Letter. (No, I won’t go into the whole who-needs-a-cover-letter debate; several of the tips apply to cover e-mails, any correspondence, etc).
  • Although I use Linked In extensively, this infographic via Mashable asks the question, Can Facebook Get You A  Job? The answer is, as Mashable suggests, “yes”
  • As I’m prepping for a Job Search SEO presentation on the 24th, I’m reviewing my understanding of SEO basics – here’s Matt Mansfield providing a great explanation of SEO in Everyday English. For the record, it’s not “gaming the system”; it’s “getting in step with what employers are looking for”.
  • I was fortunate enough to meet Terry Starbucker years ago, and find his blog just a treasure trove for thinking about leadership – written in plain sense and plain English, this is a go-to place for good insights. My personal favorite of his recent posts is Execution Leadership: 12 Metrics That Must Be Measured, Monitored, and Managed….Relentlessly
  • Finally, for those of who who have been fired, a well needed sense of perspective via The Brand Builder blog, in which he states unequivocably, You Are Not Your Job. This article has some unconventional wisdom, and quite honestly, is a pretty great read.

So hopefully, I’ve provided you with some valuable resources, some entertaining reason, and most importantly, that you find value in the links you’ve visited while procrastinating on your job search. Much like me.
Any thoughts/reactions? Please feel free to share them in the comments below. In addition, please feel free to check out my other online activities via, and you are always more than welcome to connect via Linked In.
Thanks again for reading – see you next week!

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