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Well. I’m certainly back into the grind. The holidays were pretty much a blank for “professional” networking once the various holiday parties petered out, and I’m sure my family appreciated having me around the house more than usual (or not). But this past week things have picked up. In fact, I was off at three functions this past Wednesday alone, with four for the week (almost had five but had “situations change” on one so didn’t go). As I’ve noted, I try to get out to at least two events a week, and do try to limit things to four (especially if they’re all on different days), so I’m right back into the thick of it (and already have 3 in-person and 1 virtual event lined up for next week).

Not all networking events “are created equal”, of course, but the thing is that you never know which one will be great and which one will be a total bust. I had two last week that I might as well not have gone to, one which allowed for deepening connections with an organization and its key players which might prove very helpful in my job search, and one which resulted in at least discussions about upcoming possible freelance/consulting projects.

Speaking of things that you can’t predict … I’ve gotten info from various sources about an upcoming web-based “bootcamp” for the job seeker, called How to Get a Job You Will Love. I am, generally speaking, quite hesitant to consider fee-based programs on line, given that 90% or so of ones that I’ve experienced were highly disappointing, but this is very reasonably priced ($99 … through January 23, when it goes up to $125 … for a two-week, February 6-16, eight-session program), and is featuring folks you might recognize from the links here (Margo Rose, Dan Schawbel, etc.), and is being produced by the Brazen Careerist folks. Again, I don’t know anything more about this than what’s one their web site, but I figured I’d pass it along as it appears to have good people involved and they’re not charging a ton.

And … speaking of folks who appear in the links, here’s this week’s bunch … which I hope you find helpful:

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As always, these have been folded into the big alphabetically-sorted list of all the “link dumps”, now up to a whopping 49 pages, available for download here: TJS-LinkList-120106.pdf

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