And never brought to mind …

I really wish that I’d had some books to bring you all on these recent Mondays, but out of the last dozen books I’ve read, only two had anything vaguely to do with the job search, one that I covered at the beginning of December, and one that I haven’t gotten around to reviewing as yet. As I mentioned in my last post, I’m reading one that should be good for in here … but that’s still a while away.

I did, however, find something in my in-box this week from an author that I’ve featured here previously, Jon Gordon (who wrote The Seed). As readers of The Job Stalker well know, I have serious problems (after 32 months of looking for work) keeping up any sort of positivity, and find myself approaching the job search frustrated, bitter, and angry most days. I found the following (click on the thumbnail to download the .pdf) very helpful, with both general encouragement and specific suggestions, and figured I’d pass it along:

I hope that this will be of use to you as well as you gear up for more battle in the job search trenches in the new year!

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