Bitter, Angry, and Despondent ...

My apologies, again, for not posting much. Honestly, I’m battling depression these days. When I took over writing The Job Stalker in November of 2009, I figured that I’d be doing it for six, nine months max. As I’ve noted, I’m not a “career coach” or HR guy, and I’ve pretty much run through my own hints, so I’ve been “tap dancing” for most of the past year. I’ve read that the “link dumps” here are the “most useful” part of this, and so I try to keep up with those … but it takes as much as 3 hours a day of research (admittedly, which I also use to find jobs, and keep up with industry trends) to spit out a dozen of these links, and sometimes it’s hard to figure out how to block the time.

At this point, I’ve been out of a regular job for over 30 months, and have not had a regular paycheck for longer than that (my last year with Simuality/ Liminati was “working for equity”). The current economy has been Hell for people like me … “non-specialists” whose resumes read too “big” for most medium positions, but not “big enough” for top level slots. It seems that if one is not exactly the puzzle piece that a hiring manager is looking for (despite being able to DO all the functions of the position), you’re out of luck for getting hired.

On top of the bad economy and short-sightedness of HR departments, these days the unemployed are being preyed on by dozens of “scam” operators who claim to have “exclusive” job listings, that they’ll connect you with once you sign up to pay them your dwindling cash on a monthly basis. These are so tempting sometimes, but it’s generally acknowledged that they’re in business to string the desperate job seeker along (and keep those payments coming in), and not find them jobs!

I’ve spent most of my professional life being a very effective executive, and this stretch of unemployment is, quite literally, killing me. This is the fourth holiday season in a row that we’ve been dead broke, with each year getting thinner and thinner. I hate the fact that I can’t provide for my kids what I grew up with, but it makes me frantic that they’re only going to remember “dollar store” gifts. My legacy is going to be one of having FAILED my family.

I know it’s ironic that a guy writing a blog about the job search is (evidently) so BAD at finding work, but that’s how it is. I wish that somebody had been able to tell me two and half years ago that, despite my spending nearly all my time looking for work, I’d still be unemployed now. Had that happened, I could have done something that I liked in that time (and I really hate the whole damned job-search process!), something that I was good at, and not pissed away nearly three years of my life. I know “they” say that one has to keep positive, but I can’t help being bitter, angry, and despondent.

Anyway, here are the current dozen links. Had these ready to go last weekend, couldn’t get them up, and I missed this weekend. Shoot me. Hope you find the info of use …

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And, as always, these have been merged into the big link file, now 48 pages in length, a .pdf of which can be downloaded here: TJS-LinkList-111209.pdf



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