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I am, frankly, exhausted from the number of networking events that I’ve been off to in the past few weeks. As I’ve noted previously, I try to get out to at least 2 things, be they breakfasts, conferences, expos, or evening events per week (and try to limit myself to 4, or I get wiped out), and over the past few weeks I’ve been racking up 3 per. These are pretty much “all over the board”, from a holiday party for my former Toastmaster club, to the monthly shindig for the ChicagoNow bloggers, to a “swanky” get-together (pictured) for The Blue Key Campaign at the Palm Court over at the Drake Hotel.

I’m revisiting my networking message because so many of this week’s links are covering that topic. At each of the events I’ve been to over the past couple of weeks, I’ve met new people, deepened contacts with folks I’ve known “slightly”, and even made fresh contacts with people I’d not seen in years. Will these get me a job? Who knows … but the potential is there!

Again, if you’re in the Chicago market, there are quite literally hundreds of things to choose from, and making it out to 2 per week should be a no-brainer (and 90% of the ones I go to are free, so you don’t have the “I’m broke, so I can’t go” excuse). Check out EventBrite and Meet-Up for massive numbers of listings.

I know my post last week was pretty much a downer, but I was “speaking from the heart”. I have some better news to report this week (I hope) … last Tuesday, out of the blue (well, I had sent in an application), I got a call about coming in for an interview, the following morning. Now, I have no idea “how I did” on this, but there were no major snags, and the interviewer (who was starting up a new Communications group in a well-known Chicago company) complimented me on a number of responses, so I’m hoping that this might finally be the new job for me coming through. I also had a call on Friday about setting up a phone interview for another position at a local tech company, so after a LONG time of having no interviews, this is encouraging. Of course, depression is lurking just on the other side of the “we went another direction” letter, but let’s all cross our fingers, light prayer candles, etc. that this time I’ll be looking at an offer sheet rather than a “sorry” letter!

Here’s this week dozen links … some interesting stuff awaits you in there:

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And, of course, these have been added to the “big list”, which can be downloaded here: TJS-LinkList-111216.pdf

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