A new start in the New Year?

Saying “a new start” is so much nicer sounding than “being back at square one” or “back to zero”, isn’t it? Tellingly, it’s usually the people who HAVE jobs that are are chipper and cheery about one’s prospects with a new year. Well, I hate to tell you, but sticking a new calendar up on the wall doesn’t change anything. Since my last post I’ve gotten the dreaded “we’re going with a different candidate” e-mails from both of my recent interviews, which puts me … in the 32nd month of my job search … no closer to being employed than I was in May of 2009. So, pardon me if I’m reacting cynically to the “Happy New Year treacle.

Obviously, I was hoping that this would be a “happy” new year, with a new job, but, as it always does, the universe chose to sucker punch me in the gut instead. So, you still have the pleasure of my writing this blog.

I missed a week with the link dump, so what you have here is not quite as “fresh” as it would have been last week, but I’d not quite managed a dozen links (I do make an effort to not just throw in “filler” here, so sometimes there’s just not been enough worthwhile stuff crossing my monitor to make it in time for a post). Oddly, since then there’s been a bunch of quality pieces, and I’m already good-to-go for next week, and am a third of the way to having the week after that ready.

Hope you find these useful:

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As always, these have been folded into the big alphabetically-sorted list, now up to 49 pages worth … a .pdf copy of which you can grab here: TJS-LinkList-111230.pdf

Although it won’t be ready for this upcoming Monday, I’ve started on a new book that you should find interesting, and it will likely be coming up the next week … some content for you to look forward to!

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