Libraries: A Job Stalker's Best Friend

After months of work, Brendan has finally enabled me to post directly to this very blog! So although you may miss Brendan’s pithy introductions, now I can actually post my weekly entry directly….and I can even do it from the convenience of my local library.

We’ve all read about possible impending budget cuts (and some of us have even blogged about it), but in all honesty – libraries are probably the best collection of resources for the job stalker. I know I have been using my library card to the point of abuse, but my local public library has been invaluable in my ability to find and keep work.

Part of it is, well, wanting to read several of the books that Brendan has recommended – thanks to the library’s web site, I can place books on hold and when they arrive (especially if I’m ordering from other branches), they arrive, and I have just saved money on a book that I may read once….and then forget about. With a plethora of DVDs, CDs, and other media, it’s a great way to get “caught up” on watching things without worrying about spending extra cash.

But ultimately, it strikes me that libraries are what some would call “community anchors” – they are really the first, best link of contact between me and my neighbors. Think of it as the first, best means of social networking – there’s a diverse cross-section of people who are there for a variety of reasons, and job stalking can be a very lonely, isolating place. Going to the library – for me, at least – has been helpful in helping me maintain regular semi-social contact with others.

It’s also given me a place to actually get work done – so often, my tendency to procrastinate gets the better of me, and it’s often harder to do when I’m at the local library. (I can only browse through the same shelves so many times, but I always have an excuse to watch one of my DVDs). It also allows me to break out of the familiar and the comfortable – since my freelance work often takes me to various points in my neighborhood, it has become a welcome resting place where I can gather my thoughts, do some  research, and ultimately, spend a few moments before walking those two or three streets south to home.

Granted, this week’s entry may not be much, given my tendency for verbosity, but I just wanted to chime in about libraries. They’re often dismissed by the tech hipnorati as “antiquated”, “out of touch” and “redundant.” However, not everyone has the ability to access tech in any form….and libraries are now, more than ever, helping to match job seeker with position.

(Did I just use the word “hipnorati”? Really?)

But as always, please feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below….or contact me directly via social media, my website, or please connect with me via Linked In.

As always, thanks for reading!

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