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I was planning on bringing you a book review today, but my weekend got backed up and I didn’t get a chance to write reviews. Oh, well … maybe next week. Fortunately, I did have a piece in my inbox by Kelly Austin of, a site which provides info on various careers, with descriptions and salary ranges, as well as where to get training for these. Kelly did a piece about jobs in the online sphere:

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Online Jobs That Are Kicking Off

Due to the unfortunate events that have happened over the past decade or so, many people have found themselves in the unemployment line. While the people who still have a job may not believe the economy is really that bad, the people who do not now realize that an unemployment check does not go very far. The good news is that unemployment may actually be the break people are looking for, but most people are probably wondering how this can possibly be the case. If people want to live the life of their dreams, they already realize that this is not possible when working the typical 9 to 5 jobs, so they can use their job loss as motivation to find work online. People will find that there are several types of jobs online, and the good news is that all of them allow people to work the hours they desire.


If people have some writing or photography skills, they should consider the various freelancing jobs that are available online. There are several sites that allow writers to get paid to write about things they actually enjoy. Many writers are even able to find private clients that will send them more than enough work to pay the bills. The other nice thing about freelance writing is that people can eventually work their way into using this style of writing to build websites, which will allow them to make even more money.


If people want an opportunity to make some serious money in the long run, they should consider buying some domain names. They can search around for topics, which are also known as keywords, which people commonly search for. If people use proper techniques and keywords, they will discover that their website will show up pretty high on Google’s search results. Website owners can put advertisements on their website, and each time a visitor clicks on one of the advertisements, the site owner will be paid. While each click only pays a few cents, website owners will find that it is fairly easy for the cents to add up during a year’s time, and the best part is the sites do not take a lot of daily work.


Most people will find that they have quite a few items around the house that they no longer use. They can get into the online sales world by posting these items for sale on sites, such as Amazon and eBay. If they are successful in selling some of their personal belongings, they may want to consider buying some wholesale items to sell on these sites that will allow them to actually make a profit.

People will find that there is quite a bit of money to be made online. Like all businesses, people should realize that they will not become rich overnight, but they may be able to accomplish this a few years down the road. The best part about online businesses is that they allow people to create their own schedule.

This post was contributed by Kelly Austin from Higher Salary. Visit her site for information on the average salary and guides to many popular careers.

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