Dodging Depression …

One of the hardest things (once you get past the “no money to pay bills” stuff) about being out of work is how not having a job rips away your self esteem. For most people, their identity with their work is a substantial part of the their self-image, and not having some work context there makes one feel empty, or like a ghost of a person. There’s a lot more of “I used to be this” than there is of “I’m anything” these days. Of course, it sure as Hell doesn’t help when so many employers will only consider WORKING people for positions. It doesn’t seem to matter that I have 30 years of experience in the marketing communications field, because since I’m NOT whatever it is they’re looking for at the moment, means I’m not qualified to work for them, while their #1 candidate might have only a tiny fraction of my experience and skills, that lucky bastard just happens to be drawing a paycheck somewhere, so he’s good-to-go.

Needless to say, the constant rejection (either explicit or implied) doesn’t help one’s ego. I get out dozens of applications a week, and even hear something back on 2-3 of them. The rest, I’m not even worth the bother of a response. Everybody’s looking for the precise polygonal shape to fit in a particular polygonal hole … and if you’re not that specific thing, you’re screwed. And if you’re a “Swiss Army Knife”, with a wide range of functions, they don’t even want to look at you.

And it’s so hard not to get depressed. I took my kids out to the Magnificent Mile Lights Festival this evening, and it (obviously) highlighted the fact that the holiday season is upon us. Nothing quite like having a “dollar store Xmas” to make a dad feel like a total failure for his kids.

Anyway, this was a good week on the job-search posting front in my Twitter reading (lucky you, eh?), and not only did I get a full set for this week, I almost have enough already for next week. I hope you find some of these of use in your search:

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These have, of course, been sorted into the alphabetical list, and that big .pdf file is available for your download convenience here: TJS-LinkList-111118.pdf




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